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LibStaffer Reports For An Admin Look at The System

When you have to have an overview -- we've got you covered.

All reports can be exported to Excel:

  • Scheduled Shifts - Generate a report of all assigned shifts. Filter to a single schedule and/or staff member.
  • Unfilled Shifts - View all unfilled shifts. Filter on date range.
  • Time Off / Unavailability - See all time off requests. View pertinent details including time off category (vacation, attending a conference, sick day, classes, etc.) and the status of the request (pending, approved, denied).
  • Swaps & Given Up Shifts - View all pending shift swaps and/or unclaimed given-up shifts.
  • Time Clock - Generate a report of clock-in and clock-out times for student workers or a staff member over a period of time, either across all schedules or just for a single schedule.