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SpringyNews: The ABCs of Web Safety

June 2018

ABC = Always Be Careful

This edition of SpringyNews is all about web safety, data protection, and HTTPS security. We've worked hard to ensure our tools contain the best industry practices for ensuring data privacy and security.

But web safety is a team effort, so let's do this together!

Our LibGuides Tips & Tricks gets you in the mindset of web safety and helps you protect library and patron data.

If you thought data protection was just about LibGuides, think again. Springy Rachel has 5 Safety-Conscious Tips for Your Springshare Tools in her Musings by Springy Rachel.

If you've been hearing about the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, we have more information on how it impacted Springshare and the new privacy tools we've made available to everyone in GDPR, Springshare, & You!

If you're transmitting web data over HTTP, then it's not secure... plain and simple. Learn how you can HTTPS Protect Your Sites.

Our Upcoming Summer Updates are so amazing, we dedicated an entire page just to them. Sneak-peek, we're revamping LibCal's My Scheduler, launching a new LibChat Operator Console, and adding a Time Clock feature to LibStaffer. ICYMI, we've added a ton of new features in our Recent Updates to explore.

The Springshare Team

Springshare LogoSpringy Notices

Register SpringyCamp Session 2:
Join us on July 25, 1:00pm - 3:30pm US ET for a free afternoon of learning.

SpringyCamp Session 1:
SpringyCamp session one was June 13. If you didn't attend, check out the recording on our Facebook page.

Summer of Learning:
Two new summer learning series, Semester Prep and Designing LibGuides with Mobile in Mind.

New Rich-Text Help Guide:
From copy/paste to tables, make the most use of your tools and learn all about the Rich-Text Editor.

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