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SpringyNews: The ABCs of Web Safety

June 2018

These Upcoming Summer Updates are HUGE!

It's a busy time here at Springshare! Check out the new features we'll be releasing in the coming months. 

My Scheduler Overhaul

We're completely overhauling the My Scheduler module and revolutionizing its functionality from the ground up.

  • New 'Locations' Parameter - We're adding a new organizational parameter for Locations so you can define your availability in specific locations at specific times. Admins will define "Locations" for your system - each Location can contain one or multiple groups.
  • Reworked Availability Settings - Related to the above setting, in the reworked My Scheduler, you'll be able to define availability in specific locations/groups at specific times. So, you can set the My Scheduler to display your availability at the Midtown Location at the Reference Desk AND Online Services groups from 12pm-5pm MWF, and the Upper East Side Location at the Children's Desk from 1-4pm TR.
  • All Appointments View - We're adding a new report to list/display all upcoming and past appointments for all My Scheduler users, so if a patron shows up at the front desk needing directions, it's easy to see with whom they have an appointment scheduled, and where, and when.
  • Revamped Statistics - We're overhauling the My Scheduler statistics, so it's easy to view and export all statistics on all My Scheduler appointments for all users, and get a breakdown by Group, User, etc.
  • File Uploads - Enable file uploads for your My Scheduler appointments, so you can prompt patrons to share files that may be needed during the course of a meeting.
  • Public Nicknames (personal & group nicknames) - Define a nickname to display on the public side of the system, so instead of booking an appointment with Sarah, patrons can book an appointment with the Science Liaison, and all communications coming from LibCal will use that nickname. We're also adding support for group nicknames, so a patron can book an appointment with any available "Peer Tutor."

Revised Calendar Events Publishing Workflows

We're updating the flow and function of the event publishing workflow to make it easier on event reviewers who need to communicate changes to an event creator.

Equipment: Inventory Reports

Adding a brand new report to the Equipment module to view and export a list of all inventory in the system. The report can be customized to display the fields the library is most interested in seeing, including item name, barcode, current status, and total checkouts.

LibChat Operator Screen Overhaul

We’re hard at work to bring you a really exciting update – we're rolling out a brand new interface for Librarians monitoring and responding to chats! We’re moving away from having each chat open in its own window, and moving toward a list view of all of your chats in progress. Active chats are listed on the left, and each chat conversation is displayed on the right, so it’s worlds easier to manage multiple conversations without needing to rearrange chat windows. We’re also adding a host of frequently requested chat features with this update, including things like improved Group chats, improved alerts (including a nicer alert tone when new messages arrive), better-integrated user history, and so much more!

Needless to say, we are super excited for the new chat update, but we also recognize that the new UI is a big departure from the existing chat UI. For this reason, the new chat UI will initially be an opt-in update – once it rolls out, all librarians at your site will be able to try it out live before you make the switch. Once your site is ready, your site admins can officially switch everyone to the new interface. 

Edit FAQs from Knowledge Base Explorer

We're adding the ability to edit high-level information about an FAQ - including its group assignment, assigned topics, keywords, and status - right from the KBE, instead of having to navigate to each individual FAQ. This will be especially handy for editing Topic assignments.

More Internal Notes for Bulk Changes

We're adding new internal notes for when system-related actions happen, including when tickets are closed via bulk action on the dashboard and when SMS after hours auto response messages are sent.

Time clock

Holy macaroni, we're doing it! We're adding the ability for staff to clock in/out for their scheduled shifts, so admins can keep track of staffer's comings and goings. Highlight reel includes:

  • Time clock enabled per schedule - Each schedule in the system will have its own time clock settings, so admins can choose to enable this option per schedule.
  • Clock In/Out within an hour of a scheduled shift - We'll prevent people from clocking in / out if they're not currently scheduled for a shift, so folks can only clock in when they're scheduled to work.
    Clock In/Out limited by IP - Limit people to clocking in/out for a shift only within a specific IP range, so you can limit people to clocking in/out at work terminals instead of letting people clock in/out from mobile devices.
  • (Future Feature) Clock In/Out limited by Geolocation - In the future, we'll also limit people to only clock in/out if they're within X feet of a specific location. In this scenario, people can still clock in/out on their phones, but you'll know that staffers are physically where they're supposed to be.
  • Shift Notes - We're adding a new notes field that displays to the staffer when they clock in/out for a shift, giving them an opportunity to share any notes of interest either about their clock in/out times (like "I was late because the dog drank my coffee") and/or about interesting things that happened during their shift, to share with admins (like "at 3pm a dog walked in, sat in front of the desk and slowly drank a coffee while staring us down, it seems like he has a bone to pick with someone").
  • Overhauled Scheduled Shifts Reports - We're overhauling LibStaffer's reports to accommodate the new clock in/out feature. We're making it easy for admins to view info on upcoming/past shifts, compare people's clock in/out times with the times they're scheduled shifts, and edit clock in/out times all from one screen.

Validator For Broken Widget Asset Code‚Äč

Hey, it happens to all of us. You're creating a LibGuides widget asset and you paste in your copied YouTube widget code, click save, and blammo your LibGuide won't display anymore. 

Little did you know, you hadn't copied the entire code and it was missing a bracket, quote, or something else entirely and it broke your entire guide. 

Within the Widget Asset, we're going to add a validator to make sure the code you're copying into the widget asset type is valid code before you hit save. 

SUSHI Scheduling

You've been asking for it, and we're going to release it! You’ll be able to schedule and automate the retrieval of SUSHI reports on a recurring basis, on your schedule.

You'll set up:

  • Which report
  • Which vendor
  • How often to retrieve it
  • Is it recurring or one-time
  • Is the data retrieved an over-write or an add-to

As a reminder, we support these COUNTER release 4 reports: DR1, PR1, JR1, BR1, BR2, and BR5.

We’ll be implementing COUNTER release 5 support sometime in 2018.