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SpringyNews: The ABCs of Web Safety

June 2018

In this Issue:

Enable Privacy Scrubbing

Available in LibCal & LibAnswers

Enable enhanced privacy scrubs to remove patron-identifiable information. With this new scrub option, your site will retain usage data, however, all potential patron-identifiable information will be removed and cannot be restored.

5 Safety-Conscious Tips for Your Springshare Tools

With the announcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as Google Chrome's push for HTTPS, it's easy to miss additional tools to enhance your safety online. 

We understand your workflow needs to be smooth, and web safety extends this to tips that ensure your web tools keep your workflows humming, safely.

Not to worry! Springshare has you covered with these 5 safety tips for your Springy Apps. 

LibStaffer - Split It!

 Play it safe - not sure if you can work the whole 8 hours? Split it!

  • Don't give it up, split it - Have someone else work the other part of your shift. When you split a shift, you will be able to choose the duration for each part (e.g. if you have a 3-hour shift, you could split it into a 2-hour shift and a 1-hour shift). Once split, you can then swap or give up just the portion you can't work.

Admins / Schedule Admins - head over to Admin > Schedule Settings > to enable shift-splitting.

LibCal - Prevent Double-Bookings

Feel secure knowing you're not getting double-booked! Have LibCal sync with LibStaffer.

LA LibAnswers - Create a Staff Intranet of FAQs

LibAnswers Groups have their own Availability Settings! Use Internal or (for even more sensitive FAQs) Restricted Internal groups to safely share staff knowledge without worrying that your public patrons will stumble across it. 

  • Get rid of print binders - create searchable internal knowledge bases for your staff, with things such as access codes, passwords, staff directories, internal policies & procedures, etc. Each group also has its own user access settings, too, which give you full control over who can view and add/edit FAQs, as well as configure a group's settings.

LibWizard Logo‚Äč LibWizard - Remove Patron-Identifiable Information

  • Don't Collect Patron-Identifiable Information - If you're interested in protecting patron privacy, don't ask for patron name/email to ensure data protection/anonymity. Collect those survey results, encourage that feedback, and keep your submissions anonymous.
  • Extra Security: Turn off collecting of user agent information and LibWizard won't store user IP address, browser used, etc.

LibInsight Logo LibInsight - Control Dataset Access

There's a great benefit to storing all your library data in one mobile-first accessible tool. But, you'll want to make sure that not everyone can (or should!) have access to all your library's data.

  • Control who has access to which dataset - Set up dataset permissions!
  • Define:
    • Who can setup / administer that dataset.
    • Who can add records to a dataset.
    • Who can analyze the dataset and run reports. 
    • Who can use data from that dataset in dashboards.