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SpringyNews: The ABCs of Web Safety

June 2018

In this Issue:

Important Webpages

GDPR + Springshare = New Privacy Tools... for Everyone!

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced on May 25, 2018.

Springshare's always been privacy conscientious, but with the GDPR regulations, we took it even one step further. We created our GDPR Compliance Plan, added tons of new privacy features to LibApps tools, and revamped our communication policies.

1. Opt-In To Receive Springshare Emails

The GDPR focuses on privacy, security, and control/ownership of who has access to your data.

To that end, we've revamped our communication policies so that you'll receive the Springshare Newsletter (like this one!), information on new products, training webinars, and SpringyCamp announcements only if you explicitly opt-in. Please note, we will continue to send important operational emails regardless of your opt-in status.

Two Ways to Opt-In

  1. Fill in the form to give your consent.
    • *Select at least one of the options on the form:
      • Springshare Newsletter
      • Promotions, New Products & Special Offers
      • Upcoming Webinars, Online Training & Events
  2. Right in your LibApps Account!
    • Log in to any of your Springshare Tools
    • Click the blue menu and select LibApps > My Account
    • Come back here and update your subscription preferences any time.

*Our promise to you: We'll only send you 1 email a month per category, maximum.

2. New Privacy-Related LibApps Features

We've added a ton of new privacy-related features to LibGuides, LibCal, and LibAnswers. Whether or not you reside in the EU, you can enable and make use of these features. 

Public Cookie Notice & Customizable Privacy Statement

(Available in LibGuides, LibCal, and LibAnswers)

Enable a small banner that shows on your public pages. The default language is customizable, short-and-sweet, and also links to a longer Privacy Statement that details cookies and how we use information to collect statistics.

Similar to what you've seen on other websites, the dismissible banner is off by default. Turn it on by going to Admin > Look & Feel > User Privacy Alert.

Expanded Data Privacy Scrub

Available in LibCal and LibAnswers

Enable enhanced privacy scrubs to remove patron-identifiable information. With this new scrub option, your site will retain usage data, however, all potential patron-identifiable information will be removed and cannot be restored.

In LibCal:

Removes patron name, email, and/or all responses to all registration form questions. You can apply the scrub to specific modules, for example just Calendar Events and not Space reservations. Choose the number of months for which you'd like to retain data (choose from 1-12 months). 

In LibAnswers:

Removes the entire contents of a ticket conversation and/or chat transcript – all of the messages that were exchanged between librarian and patron will be removed, and replaced with a short indicator message: [Removed during Privacy Scrub]. This option will also remove all of the patron’s responses to question and chat forms, so all possible identifying information will be removed.

To enable the enhanced privacy scrubs for LibCal or LibAnswers - contact our amazing support team.

Customizable Data Submission Notice

Available in LibCal and LibAnswers

A consistent theme in the GDPR rules is transparency. Therefore, in all LibCal and LibAnswers forms, we've created a customizable data submission notice that allows you to tell your patrons:

  • What data is stored
  • Why it is stored
  • Where it's stored
  • And for what purposes will their data be used 

Even if you don't reside in the EU, the data submission notice is a great way to engender trust with your users by being completely transparent with how their personally identifiable information is being handled.