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SpringyNews - Building Blocks for Optimal Learning

December 2019

Solid Improvements You Can Implement Today.

Our Tool Tips are here to get you swift solutions to real library concerns and help you reach your goals! These ideas are easy to implement with minimal steps that lead to maximum results. You'll find ways to use data in LibStaffer to expect the unexpected. Try our LibWizard tips to address survey fatigue and get the feedback you need. We've also included ways to step up your Appointments game.

LibStaffer Tip

To create a schedule that requires as little modification as possible -- be proactive! You can do this in two moves. 

  1. Take advantage of the Message Wall on the LibStaffer Dashboard. As the Admin, you can post, edit, pin and delete messages on the wall but anyone can comment on them. Post a message asking your team to make sure the information they've provided in LibStaffer is current and accurate. Outdated information can lead to swapped or given-up shifts.
  2. Generate a Summary Report of Swaps and Given-Up Shifts. This report provides excellent data that you can use to see if there are any patterns that might be proactively addressed. Perhaps you need to have a meeting with someone who has a high percentage of swapped or given-up shifts at certain times and/or on certain days. Swapped or given-up shifts should be a rarity. The report can help you identify any patterns and make informed schedule adjustments. 

LibWizard Tip

Fight "survey taking fatigue" with small LibWizard features that make a big impact. 

  • Pre-fill a survey using URL parameters or OpenURL links - Already know the responses will be coming from the same course or session? Cut back on the questions they'll have to answer by sending them a link with the course and even faculty member/librarian who taught already pre-filled. 
  • Use fields like the Grid or Ranking, which allow you to minimize the number of actual questions while gathering a lot of information. 
  • Take the survey yourself! Use the Preview mode to move through the survey as your responder would. 
  • Don't forget the mobile participants. Make sure to check the Device Preview to see how it will look on a desktop, table, and/or mobile device.

LibCal Tip

Think you can't be in two places at once? Well you can (in a way) with these cool Appointments widget features! You can increase the number of appointment bookings at your library by being in all the right places. 

  • Put LibCal Appointments widgets in your Library Staff Directory Page. Patrons who end up on that page are looking for someone. You're already introducing your librarians and their subject specialties, add an Appointments widget for each person right there, too. Use the "Only Myself" widget for this implementation.
  •  People add the LibCal Book an Appointment widget to the LibGuides librarian profile boxes, so it displays on the guides that person creates. However, if you have more general subject LibGuides, go ahead and add a Get Expert Help box that includes the LibCal Appointment Widget for all the librarians with that subject specialty. Use the "All users with Appointments enabled at a particular location/group" widget for this use case. Create a group like Tech Help or Business, etc.. Patrons with questions can book an appointment with someone who belongs to that group. 
  • Use the widget labeled "All users with Appointments enabled" in places like your Library website homepage or to be there for patrons in your LMS platform. If they need help, they'll be able to book time with any available librarian.