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SpringyNews - Springy Cleaning Edition

March 2023

Recent Updates - Winter 2023

The LibAnswers team has been hard at work on these updates: 

  • We've added the option to send auto-reply confirmation emails to users who submit tickets via email and via the question form. 
  • You can now export missed chats individually from the "Missed Chats" tab or in bulk via the "Export" tab. 
  • We've adjusted the weighting behavior to make the results more relevant for FAQs for the "Reuse Answer" box on the Ticket Answer Page and for the "Relevant FAQs" section on the public FAQ page. 
  • We changed the Ticket Knowledge Base Explorer tag filter behavior back to using AND: to make filtering easier. 
  • We added an "Owner" filter to the chat transcripts page in the Co-Op dashboard to make it easier to generate targeted reports of activity by operator. 
  • You can now customize the "New Ticket" alert email template at the Queue level in the Email Templates area. 
  • Users can now add the ticket ID token to the subject line of the reply, assign, and confirmation email templates so the ticket ID will show up in the email subject for easy browsing. 
  • When a ticket reply is broken off into a new ticket, the original ticket will now get a note with the new ticket ID and details! When you create a new ticket from a reply, you'll also have the option to set the status of the original ticket at the same time, so you can close old tickets as you create new tickets from them. 

Check out the LibAnswers release notes on the Springshare Lounge for more complete information on past and future updates.

What's the news from LibCal?

  • Our Museum Passes functionality was released as a standard part of the Equipment Booking module! This flexible tool allows you to manage both physical Tickets picked up at the library and eTickets delivered directly to your patron's inbox.  
  • We brought you a new time picker using the native browsers option on the Appointments > Availability page.  
  • We've added a new option to the Dashboard to see your recent past events
  • We've added edit & delete functionality to the "Equipment Inventory" page. 
  • We've expanded the power & flexibility of the Booking Explorer by adding the option to multi-select Locations, Groups & Categories (if active) as well as the ability to group search results by Patron Email or by LibCal Appointment User.
  • You now have the ability to set BCC emails for booking confirmation emails at the category level! This new functionality will allow more targeted emails to be sent rather than this feature only being available at the location level.  
  • We've added support for a new "Same Day" booking type. Enter a value of zero in the category level "Booking Maximum Duration" field to require equipment bookings to start and finish on the same day. 

Looking for more LibCal features and fixes? Check out the LibCal release notes on the Springshare Lounge!

The LibConnect team has been busy! 

  • We've added the ability to edit LibCal and LibAnswers interactions so that you can add some extra information to them. This added data will also be visible in reports! 
  • You can now add a child project while editing the main project. That way, instead of selecting the parent project for each project you want to relate, you can set multiple projects as children to the parent project. 
  • We added filters to our People reports and Organizations reports so you can take advantage of the cross-filtering by combining People and Organization filters.  
  • We added the ability to concatenate values when using the Update Only or Create & Update type of import. This means, that instead of replacing all the information you are trying to update in LibConnect by the data in the spreadsheet, you can concatenate the new values to the existing ones. 
  • We added a new rule to ensure that when a new profile is created, the system checks if there are any interactions in the "Needs Review" status that can be associated with the profile in question. If any interactions are found, they will automatically be associated with the profile and removed from the "Needs Review" status. 

Curious about what's next? Visit the Lounge to read past and future LibConnect release notes.

Recent LibGuides updates include: 

  • We've added support for nested subject categories! This helps you make long subject lists less overwhelming by dividing them into one-level deep subcategories.  
  • We've added new API endpoints for many of our existing LibGuides APIs. The new 1.2 (read only) APIs are fully compatible with OAuth authentication tokens, for greater security. We would recommend upgrading your API integrations from 1.1 to the new 1.2 APIs in the coming months, to help ensure greater application security.  

Don't miss our LibGuides release notes over on the Lounge! You can find news about LibApps releases on the Lounge, too.

LibInsight has seen some exciting updates over the past few months!

  • You no longer need to look up and manually enter your LibGuides, LibAnswers, or LibCal site IDs for these dataset setup screens. You can simply select the sites listed in the modal screen to import into your dataset. 
  • We've added a "Date Format" select picker for the Counts/Aggregate data file upload screen and the delete file upload screen (for older uploads). We'll let you tell us what the data format should be – we don't want to assume 09/05/2011 is MM/DD/YYYY when you meant it to be DD/MM/YYYY! 
  • We have a new chart type available in the Dashboard called the "Single Value" chart to highlight a single value from your dataset. You can customize the chart's borders, font-size, data label name, data-value placements, and colors. 
  • You can now add filters to your custom dataset's data in your Dashboard. By adding filters, you can narrow down your data and display a specific set of data based on your filter criteria. 
  • The LibWizard dataset will give you insight into the number of submissions per form or for all the forms you "import" to this dataset. You can choose which LibWizard form's submission count data to import into this dataset. With the LibWizard dataset's Analysis page, you can track how many submissions each form retrieves as well as track their submission distribution by Day, Weekday/Weekend, and Month. 
  • We've modified our Gate Count widget so that users can select which locations to input data for instead of displaying all available locations at once. You can configure this through the Admin > Widgets & APIs > Gate Count widget settings screen. 

Learn more about what's going on in the LibInsight release notes on the Springshare Lounge!

Here's what's new in LibStaffer:

  • We've added a redis cache lock for the shift swap process to prevent two users approving a shift swap at/within the same time
  • Our new Shift Templates feature allows you to create shift templates with pre-defined values. Once a template is created and enabled for a schedule, simply select your new Shift Template(s) to pre-fill any information that is set on the selected template. 
  • Regular level account users who are responsible for supervising other staff members can now see those that they supervise in the Time Off area
  • We've improved the Time Off Approvals page for easier sorting/viewing of Time Off records to make it easier to determine if it is a partial, full or multiple days request. 
  • We added the ability to override availability conflicts when using "Drag & Drop" to assign shifts. 

Stay up to date on LibStaffer goings on by checking the LibStaffer release notes in the Springshare Lounge.

Highlights from the LibWizard team!

  • We have finished modernizing the Tutorial editor UI by removing the clunky accordion settings section. You will be able to add slides by dragging and dropping to the Slide Area or double-clicking on the slide type in the left panel, similar to how you add a field to a form. 
  • We've updated the field rules UI, bringing field rule management to its own dedicated page. We've also added a statistics card on the left sidebar so you can keep track of what kind of rules have been added to your forms. 
  • We've introduced a Trash Bin feature so you can recover responses if you ever accidentally delete a form (or survey, quiz, or assessment)! Now, when you delete a form, it will be recoverable for up to 30 days in the Trash Bin before they are permanently deleted from your system. 

Check the Lounge for past and future LibWizard release notes!

Upcoming Updates

The LibAnswers team is bringing us some amazing features this year:

  • We have a few more Chatbot features that will be coming out in the March/April release including:
    • The ability to add a "Rating" action to your chatbot, so patrons can rate the interaction.
    • The ability for the Chatbot to show the ticket question form in its entirety in the chat widget if you'd like patrons to fill out the form to submit a ticket.
    • The ability to pull Hours from the LC Hours module into the Chatbot.
    • Users will be able to choose for the Chatbot to be active in a widget only when Co-Ops are monitoring the widget.
    • There will be a link in the tickets created from Chatbot back to the Chatbot transcript for easier viewing.
  • On the Ticket Form, we are adding a new email address "check" that will allow users to require patrons type their email address in again in the question form, so we can confirm it matches their email address entered. It is an optional addition.
  • For the Initiated by You (System) Ticket Form, we are adding a "Preview" button to the Initiated by You form, so users can see what the email will look like before sending.
  • We have added Ref. Analytics to the privacy scrub as an additional option. 

Coming soon to LibCal!

  • We're designing a touch panel/tablet screen view, which will give a dedicated view of an individual Space's availability and upcoming bookings for a given day. It will also offer users a "Book Now" button, making it easy to book an available room right from the tablet, and we're including QR codes as well so it's easy to quickly book an available space on a mobile device!
  • We're also hard at work to bring you a revamped public booking Spaces UI, designed with your patrons in mind! Our current booking pages require your users to browse availability grids to determine the space that's best for them. We're turning this design on its head and introducing a new ability to Search for a room by a given date and time. Searches can be filtered by various room parameters, including category, capacity, accessibility, etc. Results are displayed in a gorgeous, mobile-friendly list view, and booking an available space is just a matter of a couple of clicks! We'll begin previewing this new UI this April, so stay tuned for a completely revamped booking experience!

Here's the update from the LibConnect team:

  • We will be releasing the LibConnect public API in our next release. Our new APIs will make it very easy to extract data from your LibConnect system for use in 3rd party resources. We've added endpoints to make it easy to get data on your people, organizations, and projects, and feed them into any platform you'd like. Look for these new APIs in the April release!
  • We'll also be working on the new Forms module, which will make it easy to create intake forms using your custom LibConnect fields. Patrons will be able to fill out these forms to create new user profiles and sign up for your organization's newsletters and marketing emails.

Exciting updates, coming soon!

  • We're putting final touches on our overhaul of the A-Z resource management tool! We're looking forward to introducing a fully refreshed public A-Z databases page and management experience. We're bringing you a completely revamped and modernized A-Z list, which includes the content that's critical to help your users get the info they need. New features will include:
    • Easy element customization so you can choose the content you want to display.
    • Optional individual database landing pages to help provide additional info on the resources you subscribe to.
    • New ways to categorize and classify your resources, including nested subject categories, customizable resource flags, and customizable fields.
    • The ability to customize the display order of Best Bets!
    • An optional card-style layout.
    • Plus, later this year, we'll introduce the ability to maintain multiple A-Z lists in LibGuides CMS sites!

Our LibInsight team is hard at work!

  • We'll be adding cross-dataset charts into dashboard rows.
  • We're updating the Custom Dataset’s Distribution Report to include select/multiselect fields.
  • We will be adding customizations to the datatable styling throughout the system including analysis reports. 

Here's what's on the horizon from the LibStaffer team:

  • We're improving the Shift Timeline View.
  • We're adding a Work From Home availability status.

What's next for LibWizard?

  • We're hard at work bringing interactive tutorials to a screen near you! Our new interactive tutorials will make it easy to create reusable teaching objects, which integrate images, video, hotspots, callouts and integrated quizzing. Stay tuned for more info on our new Interactive Tutorials coming this summer!

Keep an eye out for updates

Keep an eye out for these updates and more by subscribing to our blog and joining us on the Springshare Lounge Release Notes page!