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SpringyNews - Springy Cleaning Edition

March 2023

Getting Started with Chatbot

Chatbot debuted in your LibAnswers systems a couple of weeks ago! Did you start exploring right away? Perhaps you haven't had the time to learn a whole new thing... Or maybe it's actually a little daunting to jump in and test it out. 

Don't worry. We've got plenty of tips about this new tool, for everyone from early adopters to Chatbot flow newbies. 

First Things First: What Can Chatbot Do?

Sometimes a patron walks into the library and it's like you can read their mind. You're struck by librarian's intuition and you immediately know that they're hoping to snag a study room or they want a good book to read. (Maybe they're just looking for the bathroom, if we're honest.) Almost before the question leaves their mouth, you're answering it. 

What if you can answer questions online just as fast?

With Chatbot, you can set up rule-based answer flows to:

  • Share info about the library and answer common questions. 
  • Integrate with other Springshare tools — for example, help patrons find events, reserve spaces, or borrow museum passes through LibCal.
  • Connect to live chat operators. No one online? Chatbot can submit a ticket or provide the library's phone number or email address.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at the Chatbot Product Highlights for more details.

 Next Steps: 

  • Ready to jump in? Follow our Springboard and build your first flow.
  • Curious about what your patrons will see? Keep scrolling to learn about the Chatbot Playground!
  • Looking for inspiration? Join the Lounge to ask questions, participate in discussions, and learn from fellow Springshare users. 
  • Having trouble? Feeling stuck? Browse the Chatbot FAQs or submit a Support ticket

Explore the Chatbot Playground

Time to play! We've built some example Chatbots that might be used in different academic or public library settings. You can ask Azbot for search tips and help finding the best databases. Then, chat with BookieMonster to get a picture book recommendation or borrow a pass to the Children's Museum. 

¡También pueden pedir ayuda de Charly, un ejemplo de un Chatbot en español!

Head on over to the Chatbot Playground — Azbot, Bookie, Charly, and the rest of our friendly Chatbots are ready to help! 

Remember: these are just a few ways to use Chatbot. You have complete control over when, where, and how to use Chatbot. The possibilities are endless.

Chatbot Playground

Your Library, Your Rules — Literally

Chatbot is rule-based, so you get to pick exactly how it works. Plus, there's plenty of opportunity to get creative. Here are some of the customization options: 

Change It Up...

  • Set when your Chatbot is activated! (Learn more here: Chatbot flow settings)
  • Transfer to different chat departments or operators.
  • Create targeted follow-up actions using If/Then Rules.
  • Integrate guides, FAQs, calendars, forms, and more from LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal, and LibWizard.

...And Make It Your Own

  • Give your Chatbot a name!
  • Upload a custom profile image and update your chat widget colors to match.
  • Pick a widget type that fits well on your webpage — in-page chat, button pop-out, slide-out tab, or floating.
  • Use stats to analyze popular choices, then finetune your flow to fit your users' behavior.