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June 2023

Powerful A-Z List Features

Drum roll, please! The headliner announcement you've all been waiting for... the next generation of the LibGuides A-Z List is right around the corner! In a few weeks, we're releasing a more powerful and flexible resource management tool fully stocked with frequently requested features.

New Default Styling

We've upgraded to the latest and greatest Bootstrap UI framework to bring you an updated setup interface and a fully refreshed public A-Z databases page. With the new A-Z interface, you'll get a taste of where the rest of LibGuides is going next.

Example A-Z List Page

Database Landing Pages

We've given you the option to insert an intermediate page between the A-Z list and the database itself. These landing pages are created (and maintained!) automatically – if any metadata for a given database changes, its landing page will automatically update. You can further customize these landing pages, of course!

With landing pages, you can:

  • Display all the information for an individual database in one place.
  • Provide your users with extra documentation, tutorials, and institution-specific context.
  • Share links directly to landing pages to get your users where they need to go.

Bonus: It's great for SEO! Your databases will be more easily findable/indexed with search engines.

Example Database Landing Page

Code-Free Customization 

We've made it easier to customize the look and feel.

Follow our intuitive forms and prompts to style your A-Z lists and individual landing pages without having to delve into CSS, JavaScript, and templates. Power users can still add custom code, but most users will not need to.

A-Z Public Page Main Content Settings


You'll notice a new System Settings – Look & Feel page. As LibGuides begins a gradual introduction of Bootstrap 5 architecture, this is the new spot for adding a header, footer, styling, and custom code. Currently, these customizations will only apply to the new A-Z List public page. Important: Any old Look & Feel settings won't apply to new Bootstrap 5 pages, starting with your new A-Z.

Expanded Field Support with Rich Text Editing

No more typing raw HTML to get your database descriptions to look how you want! The Description, More Info, and Library Review fields now support rich text editing capabilities.

Rich Text Editor

Tune In for these Supporting Acts

Helpful Links

Point patrons to library resources by linking to useful LibGuides. Plus, the new A-Z connects to LibAnswers and LibWizard so you can quickly connect users to your LibAnswers FAQs and collect feedback with LibWizard forms.

Ranking "Best Bets"

Customize the display order for your librarian-curated "Best Bets" so the best-of-the-best stand out.

Icon Legend

Choose to show a legend for the resource icons assigned to your databases.

Keywords & Misspellings

Don't let typos keep your patrons from the right resource! Add internal-only keywords and common misspellings to make sure your users still find matching databases when searching.


Add a banner/alert that will show at the top of the A-Z Database page to notify patrons about something important.

Access Modes

On-site only? Open access? Remote access? Take any uncertainty out of the equation by clearly displaying how to find and access online resources. 

More Features You'll Love!

  • Custom Flags: Mark databases with your own custom, colored flags, in addition to the standard New, Trial, and Popular.
  • Database Images: Make it easier to identify databases at a glance by adding thumbnail images.
  • LibAnswers LibChat: Display a LibChat widget on your public A-Z page so users can easily ask questions and get live help.
  • Multiselect Filters: Search databases by multiple subject, vendor, and type criteria – not just one of each.
  • Report an Issue: Inform users if a particular database is temporarily down with a status alert indicator.
  • Custom Content Modules: Select asset boxes already created in your LibGuides and display them on the sidebar of your public A-Z page.
  • Mobile-Friendly Experience: We've adapted the A-Z page so users can navigate this module from their smartphones with ease.
  • Nested Subjects: Keep long subject lists organized with one-level-deep nested subcategories. This feature debuted earlier this year!
  • Results Pagination: Avoid never-ending scrolling! Your results are displayed with 50 databases per page.

Up Next: Our LibGuides team is hard at work on a new Card-Style Layout. This optional layout will offer a clean and efficient look – perfect for mobile.

Get Hyped! ...At Your Own Pace

Excited? Curious? But feeling overwhelmed by options and a bit apprehensive about unleashing a new interface on your patrons? We get it!

You'll have plenty of time to explore the new settings and experiment behind the scenes.

Preview your new A-Z page at any time to make sure everything looks exactly how you want. 

While the new A-Z features will be separate from your old A-Z list, content for both lists is always in sync.

Edit a database description or update a subject category, and these changes will be reflected on both lists.  

While the new A-Z module is in Beta, you can toggle between both lists.

When you're ready to go live with your new A-Z List, make the switch to officially turn it on for your patrons.

VIP Passes with LibGuides CMS

Multiple A-Z Lists

LibGuides CMS subscribers will soon be able to set up multiple A-Z Lists. 

Get inspired! Create A-Z lists for...

  • Different Branches: For libraries that share a LibGuides CMS system, such as a university with a law library, an engineering library, a graduate school library, and so on.
  • Different Types: Highlight free databases like government resources and census bureau data as well as OERs separate from your subscription databases.
  • Different Media: Keep streaming video services separate from audio resources and article databases separate from digital magazines.
  • Different Uses and Learning Outcomes: Build separate lists for research databases, genealogy sites, and language learning tools.
  • Different Audiences: Public libraries can tailor their lists for seniors, adults, parents, teens, and kids. 

Keep an eye on our blog and the Springshare Lounge so you don't miss the debut of multiple A-Z Lists.

Custom Fields

Have specialized info to add to your databases? You'll have the option to create custom text, link, or number fields for your resources. 

Enhanced Statistics

Databases are some of your library's most valuable (and expensive!) assets. CMS users will gain access to additional analytics capabilities for in-depth insight into which resources are most used and from where. Stay tuned for updates!