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LibCal for Libraries - Your Calendaring Solution

Lending Hub:
Library of Things + Tickets & ePasses
(Optional Add-On Module to LibCal)

From Library of Things collections to museum passes, LibCal's Lending Hub is designed to handle unconventional collections of all shapes and sizes.


Lend Just About Anything


This optional LibCal module enables you to establish Library of Things lending program - everything from Equipment Booking to Museum Passes & Tickets (both physical and digital), giving your users even more reasons to utilize, enjoy, and appreciate your library's offerings.

Library of Things Lending Functionality

  • Visual Equipment Catalog - complete with equipment details, images, and availability restrictions.
  • Shopping Cart Experience - add multiple items to cart for a simplified checkout experience.
  • Mobile-First Layout - patrons can make reservations on smartphones, tablets, or desktops.
  • Granular Booking Rules - control booking window, lending duration, and more.
  • Support for Mediation – staff can approve or deny booking requests.
  • Private / Staff-only Equipment - limit the availability of certain items to private groups or make some items available only to logged-in LibCal users.
  • Damage & Service Notes - detailed history can be kept on item records.
  • Support for Barcode Field - used in look ups, searches, etc.
  • Organize into Categories - sort like equipment into categories. Each category has their own booking forms, booking limits, separate lending rules etc.
  • Customizable Email Templates - including reminder emails, overdue emails, fines emails, and more.

ILS Integration:

  • Alma, Sierra, Koha, Horizon, Symphony, and more!
  • Integrate with your ILS system for fines management.

Authentication Layer Integration:

  • Create fine-grained patron authentication categories that rely on your SSO’s group rules, so some of your users can reserve resources but not others.
  • Require a username and password or library card and pin to make a reservation.
  • QR Codes - available for each category or individual equipment items, for easier mobile bookings.
  • Manuals & Instructions - downloadable manuals and instructions when booking equipment.
  • Integration with LibCal Spaces - Patrons can book related equipment when reserving a LibCal space.

Tickets & ePasses Functionality

  • Physical Passes - control lending of physical museum/zoo passes that can be picked up at the library. 
  • Digital Pass Lending - issue and manage downloadable ePasses for museums, zoos, and other venues that can be emailed directly to patrons.
  • Manage Unlimited Inventory - of tickets for museums, zoos, cultural institutions, and more.
  • Controlled Lending - implement pass limits, number of guests per pass, and patron booking restrictions.
  • Require username and password or library card and pin -  Use LibAuth to restrict bookings by requiring patrons to sign in.
  • Pass availability by institution: add closures on certain days of the week plus exceptions for holidays. 
  • Customize the Look of Digital Passes - add custom logos, wording, and more to your ePasses. 
  • Customizable Email templates - customize emails for each institution with specific details. 
  • Individual Webpages - for each museum/zoo/institution with friendly URLs allowing for advertising of the tickets and passes.
  • ePasses Delivered Straight to their Inboxes - patrons don't have to come to the library to pick up their passes.