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LibCal for Libraries - Your Calendaring Solution

Get A Whole Picture Look With Our Statistics

Attendance up? Appointments growing? Booking trends?‚Äč

Produce Detailed Reports on How the Library is Being Used

In-depth statistics arm you with the data you need to make decisions, make your case, and make the library better for your community.

LibCal provides downloadable charts and graphs designed for sharing in your reports and on-the-fly in meetings. 

Actionable Data to Maximize Usage and Offerings.

You won't need to guess which rooms are being booked the most or if people are still borrowing phone chargers as much as they were this time last year.

LibCal statistics helps you see trends that are on the rise and ones that are making their way out.

You'll have:

  • General System Stats - See visits to your LibCal homepage and more.
  • Calendar & Events Stats - Monthly and daily aggregates, plus individual event stats.
  • Equipment Stats - View availability and bookings.
  • Spaces Stats - Breakdown of occupancy.
  • Appointments Stats - Overview or per user numbers.