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LibCal for Libraries - Your Calendaring Solution

The Well-Appointed Appointments Scheduler

Patrons can book one-on-one consultations with your team, online or in-person, from their computers or smart-devices.

Make it easy for Patrons to Book Research Appointments


How does the Appointments Scheduler Work?

Setup Staff Availability Times

  • Enable / Disable Appointment Schedulers for individual librarian account holders.
  • Setup appointment locations and types (i.e. citation help, passport assistance, etc.) so patrons can book where and what they need.
  • Integrate Appointments with a local Authentication layer (CAS, Shibboleth, LDAP, SIP2, etc) so only registered cardholders can book an appointment.
  • View detailed statistics surfacing busy/not-busy times, popular categories of appointments, and more.

Staff Customize Appointments Types & Times

  • Create in-person, online appointments (Zoom, Webex, Teams), or hybrid of both with automatic generation of online meeting URLs.
  • Define appointment durationspadding times between appointments.
  • Enjoy 2-way sync with Outlook, Google Calendar, and LibStaffer to block off times when you're unavailable.
  • Create customizable booking forms with file uploading, custom questions, and more.

Advertise Your Appointment Schedulers

Increase usage and reduce 'no-shows':

  • Add a 'Book Me' widget to your LibGuides profile box allowing patrons to view your subject specialities and book an appointment.
  • Create and embed widgets on external websites for easy appointment booking anywhere.
  • Send automated email reminders and a post-appointment follow-up emails with LibWizard integration for adding a user satisfaction survey.

Patrons Enjoy a Streamlined Scheduling Process


Patrons are empowered with:

  • Mobile-friendly booking interface works on smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Anytime booking, they can book an appointment at any time, while still respecting staff schedules.
  • Integrated calendar invites via .ics and Google Calendar that are included in all email correspondence. 

Everyone Loves Detailed Stats & Reports


Get data-driven insights with:

  • System-wide appointment usage statistics.
  • Filterable date-ranges, locations, appointment accounts, and even appointment categories.
  • Downloadable/Printable charts and graphs to embed in narrative reports.