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Attract, Engage, & Inform with Interactive Maps

Display beautiful & informative maps

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Today the ‘where’ of a room, desk, event, or meeting reservation is just as important as the ‘what’ and ‘when’. LibCal's optional mapping module adds interactive and directional space/seat maps so libraries can:

  • Highlight Building Resources - Showcase all of your library's study rooms, reservable computers, study areas in a beautiful, scalable map. 
  • Visually Share Information - Clickable “hotspots” show real-time availability, capacity, and accessibility and power status for linked seats and spaces. 
  • Book Interactively - View and navigate a building, wing, or room map. Zoom in and out to get an overview or detailed look.
  • Show Relationships - Nest maps, so users can click on a building wing to see a map of its spaces, tables, and computers. Any clickable hotspot can be linked to open another map.
  • Reduce Booking Confusion - Share a directional map on the booking confirmation public page and email. The system automatically generates directional maps from your interactive space/seat maps.

Online visuals like interactive and directional maps encourage site engagement and provide a better booking experience. And interactive maps are mobile-friendly right from the start, so they'll look and work great on all screen sizes.

Want to see an in-depth dive?

Watch a 30-minute deep dive into LibCal Interactive Maps including exploring the patron interface and backend admin functionality from customizations to setup.

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Contact for the password to view.

See Real-Time Availability and Nest Maps

Create Location, Zone, and Space Maps

Our consulting team will work closely with you to produce beautiful, scalable maps that look great on desktop or on mobile (or if you already have maps that look great, send them over and skip this step), and then we’ll add interactive areas to it. Each hotspot area will be associated with corresponding zones, spaces, and seat locations in LibCal. Ask us to learn more about this process!

Say "Let's Meet Here" with Ease

Share appointment maps automaticallyWhile interactive maps are an add-on feature, all LibCal subscribers can share maps with event attendees and appointment registrants!

Upload your event and appointment image maps to their corresponding locations in LibCal and the system will automatically share it on the event's public page or appointment confirmation page and corresponding booking emails.

Then all someone needs to do is click on the map's link to know exactly where they need to go when they arrive!

Location maps not only improve the booking experience but they also help inform the user where they need to go in the library to get to their desired space. This means they will know which entrance to use, what stairway or elevator to take, and where to go to reach their study or meeting room, computer, or study carrel.