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Interactive Building Maps
(Optional Add-On Module)

The LibCal mapping add-on module adds a new “wow!” factor to the process of booking spaces and seats. Plus, it gives users a visual map for their upcoming events and research appointments. Maps show real-time availability and have built in accessibility to boot.

Mapping Shows Them The Way


Interactive Map Examples

Scroll below to explore just some of the interactive maps you can create!

Display Detailed Floor Maps

Create granular and detailed floor maps that are interactive! Users can choose floors, or zones, to drill down.

Organize Maps into Hierarchical Layers

Nest maps so patrons can drill down from Building > Floor > Zone > Space.

Interactive Maps Connects to Space & Seat Reservations

Patrons can view realtime availability of Spaces and Seats, and make a reservation, directly from the Interactive Map.

Add Informational Hotspots to Interactive Maps

Add helpful information like reference desk hours, contact information, or links to the catalog right from your Interactive Map.

Interactive Mapping Features

These features make LibCal's Interactive Mapping more than just 'static' building maps. 

Connect to LibCal Spaces so patrons know exactly where their booking is located

Add informational hotspots to include service point hours info and more 

Create nested maps so users can drill down from a floor to an individual room

LibCal Maps use SVG images which scale on any device and can be easily updated

Two Ways to Create Interactive Maps:

Create Them Yourself

Build Your Own SVG Maps

  • Do you have existing floor maps or in-house expertise to build them yourself?
  • Follow our DIY instructions to build them yourself!

We Build Them For You!

Springshare Consulting Team


LibCal Heatmaps
View Popular Bookable Areas of Your Building

  • View hot/cold usage of LibCal bookable Spaces & Seats.
  • Hover over Heatmap to view percentage of time that Space or Seat was booked.
  • Download visualizations and use data right from Heatmaps.
  • Helps you plan space utilization, space planning, and layout.

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LibCal Mapping In-Depth Dive

All About Heatmaps!