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Why Subscribe to LibGuides CMS?

CMS Takes Your LibGuides To The Next Level

Lubguides LogoLibGuides CMS does everything LibGuides does...
and more!

LibGuides CMS takes your LibGuides to the next level. It builds upon the base LibGuides platform to make managing large amounts of content and users a breeze - everything from access restrictions, user permissions, RESTful APIs, to granular customization options, and the robust LTI tool for courseware integration... plus so much more.

Ways You Can Use LibGuides CMS

LibGuides CMS comes with loads of extra features. With all this cool functionality, there's almost no limit to what you can do what it! If you've been using clunky workarounds, pesky networked drives, a gazillion tools to manage and interface with, or desktop based software that makes sharing and communicating difficult - think about using LibGuides CMS instead.  

Ways you can use LibGuides CMS, your imagination is the only limitation:

Staff Intranet

Make your LibGuides CMS system a one-stop website for everyone, including staff. Integrate your staff intranet into your LibGuides CMS system using Access Restrictions.You can even define granular access restrictions for even more security. You'll be able to access your staff intranet from anywhere, as long as you have permission to - of course. ;)

Library Website

Are you working with a Website CMS that lacks mobile-friendly and accessible design? Inability to control your website due to policies restricting editing and control? Is your Website CMS tool designed for other purposes like marketing or advertising and it doesn't work with the types of content you need to display? Power your Library Website with CMS - and use a CMS designed for libraries.

Groups for Unique User Groups

If you're an Academic Library, you're working with students, faculty, and staff. Public Libraries have adult patrons, child users, and more. Hospital Libraries work with doctors, nurses, administrators, etc. Bottom-line, you're working with diverse groups that have diverse needs. Create Groups by demographic so users will see only the content that pertains to them!

Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Are you working closely with the Writing Center? Local Genealogy Society? Bacon Lovers Fan Club? Each of these departments or groups can have their own presence in your CMS system with customizable Groups. Create dedicated Groups with custom banners and footers. Assigned guides will conform to Group settings.

API Mashups

Your users are interacting with discovery layers, search boxes at the library or at the larger organizational-level, portal sites, and more. There are so many places they need to go to get the information they need. With LibGuides CMS, you'll be able to integrate your LibGuides content into these other tools using our realtime RESTful API. No matter 'where' they are - they'll get what they need.

Showcase Exhibits, Archives, & More

You're creating exhibits for National Poetry Month, highlighting your Archives, or showcasing your local Scholarly Repository. Create customizable groups that highlight all the amazing things that you're doing in your library. Users can easily navigate from your Subject Guides, to Archives, and to your 'Featured Exhibit' - all from within one interface.