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Power Your Library Website with LibGuides CMS


This is not an exhaustive list of all libraries using LibGuides CMS as a website. Rather these examples represent only institutions who have been explicitly contacted about being featured in this guide.

Disclaimer: Libraries frequently update their websites. The screenshots below might not reflect the most current/updated version of their website.

Public Libraries Using LibGuides CMS As Their Library Website

Harnett County Public Library

The Harnett County Public Library makes great use of white space and has a library catalog search box right on the homepage and every page of their LibGuides CMS system. 

Plus, they have a LibCal calendar events widget highlighting upcoming events at their library!

Springfield Public Library

This LibGuides CMS powered website does a fantastic job of integrating their logo's color scheme throughout the homepage. 

This color matching creates uniformity and visual comfort when navigating.

Lake County Public Library

Serving a diverse population, Lake County Public Library in Colorado has even created web content in Spanish using their LibGuides CMS system!


Live Oak Public Libraries

Live Oak Public Libraries makes good use of imagery and icons to engage their patrons with their offerings and services.

Bright colors are engaging for patrons of all ages, from children to adults!

Greenburgh Public Library

With a really simple design, Greenburgh Public Library in New York makes great use of their LibGuides CMS system.

Plus, they even have a LibCal calendar events widget on the right side of their homepage advertising all their upcoming events!

Morse Institute Library
Natick's Community Library

Making use of proactive LibChat widget, patrons of the library's new virtual website are not only greeted by a visually appealing webpage but also an option to chat live with a librarian!

Northfield Public Library

By adding a Google Translate widget to their header, they've instantly made their LibGuides CMS website multilingual! Combined with a visually appealing gallery box, they've created an accessible and engaging homepage.

Plus, they make excellent use of LibCal widgets from their 'Today's Hours' across the top to the LibCal Events widget on the sidebar.