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Power Your Library Website with LibGuides CMS


Search, Widgets & APIs...Oh My!

When you build your Library Website with LibGuides CMS, you automatically get two important website components: 1) the search functionality, which enables your patrons to find anything on your Website, and 2) the widgets/API functionality which enables you to embed parts of your Website (i.e. distribute your content) into other systems or webpages.

Search One...and Done!

LibGuides CMS comes with a custom search engine which indexes all the content on your Library Website. New content is indexed every day, too, so you can rest easy knowing that any changes to the website will be reflected in the search index. You can even embed your Library Website search box into other systems/websites via our widgets… so your patrons will be able to search – and find – full content of your Website, wherever and whenever, 24/7.


search templates


Customize your Search results page using CMS-templates. Change the layout, customize the look & feel, and even add helpful instructions or an embedded 'how-to' video.

search filtering

Robust Filtering

Faceted Search uses Boolean logic (AND/OR) so narrowing down search results couldn't be easier. Drill down to specific resources in defined subject areas.

search filtering

LibAnswers Integration

Springshare Apps play nice together, and Search is no exception. Users can search across LibGuides and LibAnswers in one search box.
Search one...and done.

Content Distribution - Using Widgets & APIs

All content on your Library Website can be made available anywhere else (other webpages, online systems, etc.) using our easy-to-use widgets, and powerful RESTful API. Distribute your Website content and make it available inside Courseware systems, Facebook, Blogs, Discovery Layer, OPAC, etc.



Our easy-to-use widget factory lets you create beautiful and dynamically updated widgets in seconds. You don’t need programming skills or be an expert in HTML to create a widget. Create search box widgets, or embed widgets for an individual piece of content like pages, boxes or individual assets like links.

Realtime, RESTful APIs

Pull any piece of content from your Library Website and display it on any webpage, using our RESTful realtime APIs.
Having programmatic access to any and all content stored in your system enables for limitless possibilities in leveraging and reusing your Website content for maximum exposure.