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Power Your Library Website with LibGuides CMS


Organize & Customize Content Easily, via Groups

LibGuides CMS Groups functionality allows you to group 'like' Guides together under one umbrella of unique stylings. Grouped guides can have the same look & feel, their own permissions-rules, and even a dedicated homepage for each group.

Custom Stylings

Create custom page templates, banners, box and tab stylings for each group.

Add Group-level CSS for true 'cascading' of style sheets and even upload .css and .js files. 

Access Permissions

Restrict access, via IP, to specific groups so you can dictate who has access to specific areas.

Create a group staff intranet and ditch those complicated network drives!

Group-Level Homepages

Build group-level homepage templates to create distinct look & feels between groups.

Adding content to your homepage is easy using our default options or build your own!

How Different Libraries Are Using Groups:

With LibGuides CMS you can have physically separate parts of the website, each with its own slightly different look and feel and different target audience, yet on the back-end it is all managed in the same system. Below are some real-world examples of Groups which exist at libraries currently using LibGuides CMS as their main content management platform.

K-12 Libraries

Academic Libraries

Public Libraries

  • Course Guides
  • Current Events Guides
  • Teacher Resources
  • Parent Guides
  • Library Website
  • Subject Guides
  • Course Guides
  • How-To Guides
  • Staff Intranet
  • Library Website
  • Kids' Corner
  • Genealogy Resources
  • Local Community Portal
  • Staff Intranet
  • Library Website