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Power Your Library Website with LibGuides CMS


Springshare Integrated Apps - Build a Better Website

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Springshare Apps play nice together. We've made it easy to integrate virtual reference services (via LibAnswers) and your calendar, events, and room bookings (via LibCal) into a LibGuides CMS powered website. This makes it easy to do things like adding a LibWizard Survey in your LibCal event follow-up email, embedding a LibAnswers Search box in your LibGuide, or adding your personal LibCal My Scheduler widget to your profile box. Sign-in to your LibApps account and seamlessly jump between other Springy Apps and share and reuse content between your Springshare tools.

Build an even more powerful Library Website with Integrated Springshare Apps.

LibAnswers - Virtual Reference Platform


Integrated Chat - LibChat

Engage patrons with customizable LibChat widgets easily embedded in your LibGuides CMS system.

Simplify patron workflows with our proactive chat that displays based on your custom settings.

24/7 Reference with FAQs

Your patrons have questions even when you're not open. Provide 24/7 Reference at point-of-need.

Our attractive widgets are easily embeddable as dedicated assets within your LibGuides CMS system.

Routable Question Form

Replace your contact form with our customizable question form and route incoming questions to the correct department.

Make it easy for patrons to ask and for staff to answer.


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LibCal - Create Events, Simplify Room Management & Share Hours


Share Library Events

Get the word out about your events! Patrons can view, register, and share your events with integrated LibCal.

Create and embed your events on your LibGuides CMS Library Website with our attractive widgets.

Integrate Room Bookings 

Simplify room management. Customizable settings give you the control you need while streamlining the booking process.

Flexible widgets give you the freedom to display and embed your Room Bookings in your website.

Display Library Hours

Sharing & Updating your library's hours is never an easy task....till now.

Manage and share all your varying building & departmental hours within one easy-to-use tool....LibCal for Libraries.


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