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LibGuides CMS Solves Your Website Needs

The Most Effective Library-Specific CMS Platform

LibGuides is built by librarians for librarians. We understand your library’s unique needs: necessary integrations with subscription-vendors, accessibility issues, diverse population with diverse needs, budget issues and having to do more with less.

LibGuides CMS addresses all of your website concerns and provides a simple, easy to use, and affordable “out of the box” library website solution. We get libraries, period.

Do These Scenarios Sound Familiar?

  • Lack of Mobile Friendly or Accessible Design: You've read the articles and blog posts about the importance of websites being mobile-friendly and accessible to all patrons. And your current website, well, isn't.
  • Lack of Authority: You'd love to control your website, but policies in place restrict editing and control. You have to go through several layers to make any changes, and that takes time – sometimes too much time.
  • Lack of Library Integrations: How do you embed library-specific widgets and add book cover art images? Forget about integrating an A-Z list with filtering options, discovery system or catalog search boxes.
  • Not Everyone Knows HTML: Your website CMS isn't easy to use and your colleagues want to contribute content to it easily and quickly...without having to know HTML and CSS.
  • Costs - Time & Money: You're always asked to do more with less. Your library website is the "main entrance" to all your online services, yet building and maintaining an effective website takes a lot of time and a lot of money. 

Mobile & Accessibility - Resolved

Mobile Responsiveness

Because of tablets and smartphones, you'll want a library website that looks great on all screen sizes. And you need to build pages which comply with accessibility standards. 
With LibGuides CMS, your library website will be accessible & responsive out of the box.

Get Control & Keep IT Dept. Happy

DEREE - American College of Greece

Your website might be part of a larger institution, organization, or even state-wide system that has guidelines on branding. You need to have control over your website content while keeping all parties happy. With LibGuides CMS, you can control your site's look & feel for brand consistency. Everyone wins!

LibGuides CMS - It Just Fits

link checker

With LibGuides CMS, you're getting a system that fits you perfectly. Reusable content for easy site maintenance. Web assets that work in your library-centric environment like Database URLs and Books from the Catalog. Built-in link checker, integrated A-Z subscription database tool, and countless features that speak to your needs. Get a website management tool that fits just right.

Forget Clunky - It's Light & Easy

Neil Gaimen screenshot

It's easy to build rich content-driven webpages with LibGuides CMS. With our defined asset types, you can mix and match content seamlessly.
Add a link to a library database alongside an embedded video on how to search that database. Add a Book from your Catalog right next to a catalog search box. Kick that clunky CMS to the curb and get a CMS that's easy to use.

A CMS That Puts The User First

Publishing Workflows

Not all of your colleagues are tech-savvy and can code in HTML & CSS. LibGuides CMS enables anyone to create and maintain beautiful and content-rich websites, using our easy-to-use authoring tools.

Worried about unleashing the content flood-gates? With publishing workflows, you can route all content through your publishing standards before it goes live.

Affordable & Hosted = Pain-Free

Springshare Support

LibGuides CMS is one of the most affordable CMS solutions available. With your subscription, enjoy free training, free access to our incredibly popular virtual conference, SpringyCamp, and free support from our legendary support team.

We are fully dedicated to the success of our customers, and we go above and beyond to ensure every client is fully taken care of.