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LibAnswers Chatbot Playground

Interact with our Chatbot Examples!

The best way to learn how something works is to play with it! To that end, we've created this LibAnswers Chatbot Playground so you can play with various types of configurations for inspiration. 

Couple of Caveats:

  1. 'Live Chat' Option Isn't On: While we have enabled 'Live Chat' on several Chatbot examples to showcase that it's easy to route patrons to a live chat operator, the Live Chat functionality isn't turned on as we don't have Springys actively monitoring the chats. 
  2. Possibilities Are Endless: We've brainstormed a few options to give you an idea of all the ways you can use Chatbot - but the possibilities are endless. These examples do not encompass all possible scenarios. 
  3. Don't Submit a Ticket: Remember, these are just examples of Chatbots. If you have a real question about functionality, pricing, or something else - don't use the Chatbot to submit a question. Instead, contact us at