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LibCal Beyond the Library

Enterprise deployment for IT-Departments, Computer Labs, & More!

Safely Manage Reservations of Spaces & Seats on Campus

Space & Seat Reservations... Made Simple, Safe, & Contactless

Create an availability grid of bookable spaces or individual seats within a space. Users view available Spaces or Seats, reserve one, and check in/check out right from their smartphone. Configure time slots with padding for sanitizing between bookings, view real-time building capacity, and optionally enable contact tracing capability.


  • Organize Spaces & Seats into Types - Arrange study rooms, computer labs, and classrooms into unique categories with separate booking forms, restrictions, and policies.
  • Building Utilization - Define areas of your buildings, monitor real-time occupancy, and retrieve bookings by name or email for contact tracing.
  • Restrictions - Create rules around booking durations, how often a user can book a room in a day / week / month, etc.
  • Authentication - Route Space and Seat reservations through your local authentication. Learn more about our LibAuth middleware tool and how it connects to your local authentication layer.
  • Details - Upload a picture, add directions, description, form fields, and terms and conditions.
  • Optionally Charge for Reservations - Define rates and discounts. LibCal calculates the total payment required to complete the reservation.
  • Mediation - Require staff approval for some rooms while others are un-mediated.
  • Stats - Get detailed stats and see how your spaces/rooms are being used, when, and by whom.

Seat Reservations - Managing Building Utilization

Seats is an add-on module to Spaces.

You've spent hours planning and rearranging furniture or computers in labs, marking one-way aisles, and installing protective barriers. Now how to prevent people from roaming around the building for open chairs and computers and lining up at your door?

With Seats (our Spaces add-on module), you can ensure visits to your building are scheduled and staggered to help enforce reopening policies.

 Users can easily reserve a seat, and check it in and out, from their mobile device.

Contactless check in/out functionality, each seat has its own QR code, and each booking has its own unique three-digit code, for contactless check-ins and easy booking confirmation.

Admins can establish building hierarchy, to define reservable areas and seats and add booking limits and restrictions.

 Bulk Seat management, add a set of seats in one fell swoop and toggle each one as active/inactive so you can adjust seating availability on a dime.

 Automatic capacity calculation, no need to do the math... LibCal calculates your max building, department, or area capacity based on the number of active and inactive seats in your system.

Staff can assist users with reservations, get a birdseye view of building occupancy and trends, and quickly retrieve booking details for contact tracing.

Identify users who might be exposed to COVID-19, with our Contract Tracer allowing to search on a user's name or email address and identify everyone else who used that Seat after them.