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LibCal Beyond the Library

Enterprise deployment for IT-Departments, Computer Labs, & More!

Four LibCal Modules Come with LibCal Subscription

All of the below modules come with your LibCal subscription. Make use of ALL or some of these modules - it's up to you!

1. Online Space & Seat Reservations

Space & Seat Reservations

3. Create Online & In-Person Events

Calendar Events Features

2. Online Faculty & Helpdesk Sessions

Appointment Features

4. Share & Distribute Building Hours

Building Hours Features

Optional Add-on Modules to LibCal Subscription

5. Interactive & Directional Mapping (Optional Module)

Mapping Features

6. Lending Hub & Tickets/Passes (Optional Module)

Lending Features

Enterprise-Level Functionality Includes:


Restrict reservations to specific groups on campus. We work with SAML, Shibboleth, CAS, ADFS, and more.


Staff SSO

Route all backend administrative account holders can login through your Single Sign-On.

SSO Integration

Importing Data

Use our .csv import templates to import in thousands of Spaces/Seats for quick implementation.


Meet Virtually

Zoom/Microsoft Teams integration for online-only appointments, online events, and online workshops.

Online Features

Accessible & Mobile

Accessible and mobile-optimized to meet the needs of your users. VPAT available.

SaaS Cloud-Based

No hardware required. LibCal is hosted fully in the cloud in regional-server clusters.


Springshare is fully compliant with GDPR as of May 25, 2018.

Robust API

All LibCal components come with robust API support.