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LibConnect - Customer Relationship & Engagement

LibConnect Works for ALL Library Types

Academic Libraries

  • Use robust reporting to identify gaps in your faculty liaison / outreach programs.
    • I.e. new adjunct faculty who haven't attended library orientation
  • Create projects / tasks, connect them to customer profiles, and keep track of customers that the library is engaging with. 
    • Sort by end date and always view your most current deadline first.

Public Libraries

  • Organize patrons into customizable groups (i.e. children, YA, Adult, Seniors, etc) and identify which groups you are / aren't reaching.
    • Use the relationships tool to identify which child belongs to which parent, teens in your YA program that are siblings, etc.
  • Use LibConnect to keep track of relationships with local businesses including outreach, projects, interactions, important deadlines, events, etc. 

Special Libraries

  • Capture granular metadata about each customer type and use that data in your reporting.
  • Upload files / attachments to each customer profile.
    • If you've sent Dr. Thomas 5 new ILL'd articles, you can store them right in his customer record for easy future retrieval.
    • Use built-in search functionality to find the right article / file in a long list.

Library Consortia

  • Create unique profiles for each library in your consortia. 
  • Outline all employees of that library using LibConnect's membership tool
    • Easily identify who belongs to which library, their role, and the best way to contact them. 
  • Navigate to each employee profile and view all interactions you've had with employees from that library.

K-12 / School Libraries

  • Create profiles for parent volunteers or friends of the library and record interactions for the days they volunteer.
  • Outline profiles for donors and track your fundraising events, school activities, and donations.
  • Build academic department organizations and record library instruction sessions for each class so you'll know which departments are requesting you more than others.