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Why Subscribe to LibGuides E-Reserves Module?

Point-of-Need Integration: Ensure High E-Reserves Usage

arrows iconIntegrate your E-Reserves @ Point-of-Need

Guide-Level Integration:

Adding relevant E-Reserves at the guide-level allows students to find everything they need in one place -  expert guidance from you and key reserve materials for their class. It's a win-win.

  • Students to Find Everything "Under One Roof"
  • Expert Placement of Guidance & Key Materials
    When and Where They're Needed

You Can:

  • Embed multiple E-Reserves courses within a
    single LibGuide.
  • Customize the E-Reserves page by adding point-of-need help, related guides, Ask a Librarian references. 

Learning Management System Integration

Showcasing relevant E-Reserve materials during a library instruction session is a great way to ensure usage and strengthen the library/user relationship. Plus, the perceived value of the library is higher; students' success in this class is directly correlated to their navigation of library-managed readings.


Embed relevant course-specific content right inside a Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, Canvas, or any LTI-compliant learning management system. Natively.

With LibGuides content right in their courses, faculty don't have to hunt around to find their E-Reserves. Faculty can even connect readings to an assignment and their online gradebook per curriculum standards. Plus, the library retains all usage statistics.

Adding E-Reserves to LMS via LTI

Bypass E-Reserve Passwords: Authenticated students already inside their courseware tool accessing password-protected E-Reserves via the LTI shouldn't have to enter in another password.

And with our LTI, they won't have to!