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SpringyNews: Short & Sweet

February 2015

LDAP / SAML / CAS Authentication Setup Tool Now Available!

We're committed to making your Springy-Life faster and more efficient. So, we created a Room Bookings Authentication Setup Tool. This tool allows you to route your LibCal Room Bookings through your authentication layer. And while LibCal is our first tool with authentication integration, we will be rolling it out for all Springy tools in the future!

Authentication Setup Tool:

LibAuth Authentication Layer

We currently support:

  • SAML:
    • - Shibboleth 2+
    • - Active Directory Federation Services
    • - Etc.
  • Central Authentication Service (CAS)
  • LDAP Authentication

Here's how it works!

  • Clients on the paid-pricing tiers can navigate to Room Bookings > Settings > General Settings
  • Navigate to the Authentication Setup Tool > 
  • Choose your preferred setup type, there's certain information we need for each setup option
    1. Don't worry, we tell you exactly what we need to know!

For each setup type:

You have the option of providing selected attributes to us. If you release this data to use, we'll use it to auto-fill room registration forms in LibCal.

This isn't required, but it makes it much easier and efficient for users!

  • Patron/User First Name
  • Patron/User Last Name
  • Patron/User Email
  • Etc.

How do you know that it's setup?

The Room Bookings > Settings page will update to reflect the authentication method you're using!

Why integrate authentication with LibCal Room Bookings?

  • Ensure Fairness - you won't need to use the 2-step confirmation email process (sign-up for a room, then wait for a confirmation email) to ensure that only valid users are booking spaces while still ensuring that their not monopolizing your rooms!
  • Group-Level Authentication - got a mix of public and auth-required rooms? Route some rooms (at the group-level) through your authentication layer and leave others completely open for public booking!
  • Comfort in Security - users won't be able to book a room unless they're in your directory of users. So you can rest easy knowing that only registered users can book your highly-requested spaces. 
  • They're Used To It - patrons are already used to authenticating into your resources, so the process will be familiar and easy for them!