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SpringyNews: Short & Sweet

February 2015

LibAnswers v2 - Recent Updates

February 25th, 2015 Update

ticketing macros

Ticket Macros

Macros are here to speed up your librarians' workflow when answering frequently asked questions. While the existing “Reuse Answer” functionality works for this too, we thought it would be great to create a “definitive” answer to certain questions. And how cool it would be to adjust other internal settings, like adding tags and changing the question status, when a macro is chosen. And what if we added the ability to auto-populate key patron data, anything from their name and email address to answers they provided in your question form, to each macro in template form? We got so psyched thinking about this idea, we had to make it happen. And now, Macros are here!

System Admins, head to Admin > Macros to create a new macro. Once you’ve set up a macro, it will appear on the ticket answer page as a new drop-down option.

Dashboard Views

Dashboard Views

For sites with a high volume of incoming tickets, the standard Dashboard view can feel a bit like the wild west – untamed at best, and downright deadly at worst. We figured we’d add a way to tame the madness, so we’re introducing Views. Views basically act as a saved set of filters, enabling you to create your own quick-jump menu for the tickets you need to see.

Admins and Regular level users can head to Admin > Views to create a new view. Admins will also see an option to “Share this View” – this will make your customized view available to everyone in your LibAnswers system.

email templates

Email Templates & New Reply Behavior

We’ve added extensive email templates and brand new mustache tokens to help you customize every email sent from the LibAnswers system. You can now customize all internal emails (for ticket transfers/assignments, internal notes, address book transfers, etc.) with the same template type options available for public emails (i.e., emails sent to patrons). We’ve also vastly expanded the available mustache tokens, which makes it super easy to automatically pull key system information into an email -- without having to type it in manually for every email. Admins, head to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue > Email Templates to see all the new functionality.

With this update, we’re also changing a key email reply behavior. Previously, there was a single email template shared by both internal notes and ticket transfers, and they were treated the same – when someone received an email notification in their inbox and clicked Reply (in their email client) to respond, that email would be sent back to LibAnswers as “internal” content, out of the view of patrons. As of this update, this behavior will change:

  • Replies to internal notes will still be treated as “internal” content
  • Replies to transferred tickets will be stripped of all previous internal notes/content, and will be sent to patrons as a public reply.
    • This should make it easier for folks who prefer to primarily manage and answer questions via email, and it’s particularly great for your address book folks!

New Ticket Management Options

  • Auto-saved Replies – Don’t you hate it when you accidentally navigate away from the answer page before clicking on the “Reply” button? With this new update, we’re making life a little better – replies to tickets are now automatically saved, even if you navigate away from the page! When you head back to the page, you’ll see the content you were working on restored in the rich text editor. If you need to get rid of a previously auto-saved draft, just hit the “cancel” or “reply” button, and we’ll remove the draft content.
  • LibAnswers ticket submissionsStreamlined Ticket Status Change – We thought we’d make it easier to update a ticket’s status (new/open/pending/closed) at the same time when you submit a reply or internal note. Check out the newly expanded submission options to see what we mean!
  • Merging Tickets – Sometimes patrons are so enthusiastic, they end up submitting multiple question tickets about the same question. We added a new ticket merge option to help! Head to the ticket answer page and choose ticket settings > merge – this will let you thread the current ticket with any other ticket in your system.
  • Updated Rich Text Editor – We’ve added new text formatting options to the Rich Text Editor – this applies to both ticket answers and FAQ answers, huzzah! Head to the answer ticket or Add FAQ screen to see the new options.
  • Updated Displays – We’ve tweaked the information that displays in the Dashboard and Ticket Answer screens so the most relevant information displays.
  • Ticket replies can be closed without text – We removed the requirement for text in the reply field. This is useful when you need to go back and update information about a ticket (like it’s status, adding a tag, etc.) without actually generating a reply to the patron.

January 13th, 2015 Update

Systems & Status Management Tool Now Available!

The all new Systems & Status Management Tool is now available in LibAnswers v2! For all existing LibAnswers subscribers, we have detailed information on how you can trial this tool, for free, from January to December 2015!

New subscribers to LibAnswers will see the S&SM Tool as part of their subscription. 

Watch a 5min Video:

fallback widgets

LibChat Updates:

  • Waterfall Chat Widgets (aka "Fallback widgets")  Create chat widgets that check for the presence of individual librarians and/or departments, according to the order you define. Just create or edit a chat widget, select Options > Department/Operator Selection, and create the sequence of “Options” you’d like to see.
    • This makes it possible to set up a sequence like this: If Sarah is online, connect new chats to Sarah; if not, connect new chats to the Reference Department; if Reference isn’t online, connect to anyone in the library.
  • Department + Personal Chat Widget Management Combined – We’ve streamlined the admin UI, so you can manage both personal and department/system chat widgets from one place! Head to LibChat > Chat Widgets: Admin level users can create & edit widgets for any department or user Regular level users can create & edit their own widgets.
  • Streamlined Queue/Chat Department Connections – We’ve made it way easier to associate LibAnswers Queues with LibChat Departments! Admins who create (or edit) a department will see the option to assign this department to a Queue. When a department is assigned to a Queue, all users assigned to that Queue are also assigned to that chat department, and Queue level administrators receive department-level administrative access.
  • Department Canned Messages – Create canned messages and share them with everyone assigned to a chat department. Head to Admin > LibChat Set-up > System Canned Messages – add or edit a message, and you’ll see a new option to assign the message to a department.
  • New Department Stats – We’ve added a new report to show you the breakdown of chats by department. Head to LibChat > Statistics > Clients/Operators to find the new report.
  • copy widgetsCopy Widgets - We've made it easier to create new widgets using an existing widget as a base – just head to any widget management screen – in the Actions column, select Copy Widget. This creates a brand new widget based on the old widget, which you can customize to your heart's content!