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SpringyNews: Short & Sweet

February 2015

LibSurveys - Recent Updates

December 22nd, 2014 Update

LibSurveys Data Table

Cool Use

Set up internal tracking questions to categorize individual form/survey responses!

  • Create a question
  • Set its Display Property to “hidden”
  • Collect responses from your patrons as you normally would

As each response arrives, click the edit (eye) icon to edit this hidden question.

New Reports View: Data Table

The new Data Table view includes:

  • Search & Filter – We’ve added a handy search box, so you can easily search across all form/survey responses by a keyword or phrase.
  • Customizable Views – Choose which columns of data you’d like to display in your Data Table. To edit your columns, head to the Builder for that form/survey and select Properties > Report Properties. You can display/hide any question, and even create a custom heading title for especially long questions.
  • Column Sort – Click any column heading to sort your table by that response.
  • Delete Responses – Need to delete a test response? Just click the trashcan icon and poof, it’s outta there!
  • Edit Responses – Need to edit a response? Click the eye icon to jump to an editing view for any form/survey responses!

New Look & Feel Options

  • New Bootstrap Style Template: Set your form/survey to a Bootstrap-based template! Head to the form/survey builder and choose Options > Look and Feel > Template to switch between Basic and Template display.
  • New CSS Classes: We’ve added new CSS classes to make it easier to customize the look and feel of questions in any form/survey. Here’s a quickie list of the new classes:
Field class name
Text Field field-type-text
Numeric Field field-type-numeric
Date Field field-type-date
TextboxField field-type-textbox
Dropdown Field field-type-dropdown
Radio Field field-type-radio
Checkbox Field field-type-checkbox
Rating field-type-rating
Text Block field-type-text-block
Line Separator field-type-line
Spacer field-type-spacer
Page Header field-type-header