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SpringyNews: Short & Sweet

February 2015

'Hour' you there, Library? It's me, patron.

wall clock

The most popular patron question is
 'What time are you open till today?'.

You get this question in-person, over the phone, in an email, on chat, and perhaps even on social media.

You fret over maintaining the myriad of web places where your hours are displayed.

What happens if your hours change? You spend hours manually updating your hours (#irony), and invariably - you miss one webpage and, of course, that's the webpage your patrons find. 

Well, it can be easier. And in LibCal, here's how:

Today's Hours:


I'm a LibCal Hours Widget

  • Create 'templates' of your most common hours. Templates can be:
    • - Normal/Typical Hours
    • - Summer Hours
    • - Holiday/Break Hours
    • - Exam/Finals Week Hours
  • Build your Libraries and Departments, select a date range, and apply your template to that date range. I.e.:
    • - 9.1.2015 - 11.20.2015 - Normal Hours Template
    • - 11.21.2015 - 11.30.2015 - Holiday Hours Template
  • Build a widget! Embed your library and departmental hours using these widget options:
    • - Today's Hours
    • - Weekly Hours
    • - Monthly Hours
    • - Week/Month Hours
  • Embed these widgets anywhere & everywhere

Got slammed with a snow storm and closing early? Extending your hours by popular demand?

  1. - Update it once and all your embedded widgets automatically update.
  2. - No stress, no muss, no fuss. It's that easy.

Let them book it, so you don't have to...

Get out of the downward Paper Spiral </pun intended>

Your physical library space is one your biggest commodities. Your study rooms, meeting rooms, makerspace labs, instruction/teaching classrooms, game rooms, and more.

Managing all of these spaces and their room reservations can be a 24/7 responsibility.

Juggling paper binders and spiral notebooks of reservations, cancelations, last minute bookings, and swaps - it's a full-time job and it doesn't have to be!

libcal room bookings mobile screenshot

LibCal Room Bookings is:

  • Completely self-serve: Users are more connected and empowered than ever. Give them the power to book a room so your time can be better used elsewhere. 
  • Mobile & Tablet Responsive: With built-in responsive design (Bootstrap 3.0), Libcal automatically delivers the optimal display for whatever device the user is on.
  • Monopoly-Free Zone: Worried that Wes will book every room from now till the end of time? Robust room settings ensure that you’re in control of your room’s reservations. 
  • Authentication: Want to route users through your authentication layer? We're compatible with Shibboleth, LDAP, and CAS and our easy-to-use Authentication Setup Wizard will have you up and live in a jiff. 

Bonus: Calendars & Room Bookings Integrated

Making your lib-life as easy as possible is our #1 goal here at Springshare. So, in LibCal v2, we integrated room bookings and calendar events!

Here's how it works. If an event takes place one of your library rooms/spaces, you can:

  1. 1. Create the event
  2. 2. Reserve the library space
  3. ... at the same time!
libcal events and rooms integration