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SpringyNews: It's Your Move to Make

October 2018

Upcoming Updates to Springshare Tools

It's a busy time here at Springshare! Check out the new features we'll be releasing in the coming months. Want to know when these features will be available? Subscribe to the Springshare Blog and get the latest blog posts delivered straight to your inbox.


  • Cost/Payment/Billing Functionality - We're adding the ability to track required payments for Event and Space reservations. And even better, we're integrating payment systems directly into LibCal, so you can both notify patrons that a cost is required and collect the payment via credit card online!


  • Reminder Email -  We're adding a new reminder email for space/equipment reservations, so you can remind patrons that they have an upcoming reservation.
  • 'Jump to Next Available Date' - We're adding a new "jump to next available date" button on the space/equipment availability grids, so if your materials are booked out far in advance, patrons can jump to the next date that the item/space is available.

Coming in LibChat:

  • Backup Chat Staffing - Coming soon is backup chat staffing, either 24/7 or your own customizable times, to answer inquires when you can't. 
  • Cobrowsing/Screensharing is coming! - We're hard at work to bring true cobrowing/screensharing functionality to the LibAnswers platform.

Coming soon in LibStaffer:

  • Integrated SMS Notifications - We’re implementing SMS alerts for common notifications, such as shift updates, available shifts, etc.
  • GPS Limiters for Clock In/Out - We're adding the ability to limit your staff to clock in/out within a range of a particular geolocation, so you can ensure that your staff are where they should be when clocking in and out for shifts using their mobile device.
  • Updating Exchange Integration with OAuth - We're updating our Exchange integration to use OAuth 2.0, which should provide a more seamless connection between LibStaffer shifts and external Exchange systems.

LibGuides CMS:

  • Reworked LTI  - You've been loving the LTI tool with LibGuides CMS. And you have lots of suggestions for new features. To that end, we're rewriting the LTI for added flexibility in adding more new features. 


  • OAuth2 - We're adding support for OAuth2.0 Protocol, specifically for Symphony ILS. 

Coming soon in LibInsight

  • COUNTER 5 Support - Adding support for COUNTER 5, specifically PR, DR, and TR master reports and several standard views.
  • Faster SUSHI Fetching - With COUNTER 5 comes updated, better, and more lightweight SUSHI fetching.
  • *New Dataset Type* - E-Resources Statistics will combine both eJournals & Databases with eBooks! Because now you don't need to separate your eBooks and journals/databases.