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LibApps LTI Tool - Delivering Tailored Services At Scale

Our updated LTI tool has gone beyond gold and into platinum status. Why? Because it's been revamped so that you can offer tailored subject-specific resources inside courseware pages across hundreds or thousands of courses.

Use our LTI tool to deliver a customized library landing page displaying subject-specific LibGuides, Databases, E-Reserves, and subject-expert librarians right inside your Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, or any LTI-compliant LMS platform.

Take it one step further, and integrate point-of-need help with LibChat and LibAnswers FAQs. And then knock it out of the park with the ability for students reserve study rooms and book consultations with librarians using LibCal integration. All of this, with full usage statistics, on one scalable, customized, auto-generated Library Resources page inside your LMS.

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