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Quality of Service Metrics

Create and customize a rating scale that is automatically sent out based upon your sending parameters and specifications.

Get Insights Into the Quality of Your
Customer Service


QoS metrics help you assess the quality of services you provide through LibAnswers - for both tickets and chats.

Enable the QoS tool to automatically send a follow-up user satisfaction survey to users after their LibAnswers ticket or chat is closed. Patrons will only ever receive one follow-up satisfaction survey per ticket.


  • the rating scale used. Subscribers to the NPS® Tool can use one of their NPS® surveys.
  • the survey start & end time.
  • introductory text and rating labels.
  • the % of closed tickets that will receive a survey.
  • whether LibAnswers account holders can view user feedback in their tickets.
  • how often a user will receive a survey, independent of the number of tickets submitted.
  • an email opt-out list for users who don't want to receive your survey.

More Than Just User Feedback

In addition to user satisfaction data, QoS metrics also gathers:

Ticket Turnaround Statistics:

  • Time to First Reply - How many hours passed before the patron received an initial reply.
  • Time to Close - How many hours passed before the ticket was closed.
  • Number of Interactions to Close - How many times staff interacted with the ticket before it was closed.
  • Total Number of Replies - Total number of replies sent by a LibAnswers user to the patron.

Chat Turnaround Statistics:

  • Wait Time to Response - How long patrons waited before their chats were claimed by an operator.
  • Chat Duration - Number of chats by duration, in minutes.