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LibAnswers for Libraries - Your Communication Platform

Introducing Your Library-Powered Answering Engine

Chatbot can serve as your first point of contact with your chat patrons routing them to ready-reference answers. Chatbot is rule-based, not AI-based, which means that you will have the opportunity to control the entire user experience for your patrons.


It's Not AI, It's LI (Librarian Intelligence)


Librarian-Created Chatbot Flows

  • Guide patrons through pre-selected options.
  • Assist them with finding common FAQs and general library information.
  • Connect them to relevant LibGuides or A-Z Database Resources.
  • Promote your LibCal Events or One-On-One Librarian Appointments.
  • Route them to a LibWizard survey or form for suggesting book purchases or filling out a feedback survey.
  • Transfer patrons to live chat operators whenever needed.
    • Not offering 'Live-Chat' Services? Chatbot can route patrons to advanced help by submitting their questions for email follow-up.

Check Out the Chatbot Playground

Chatbot Playground

The best way to learn how something works is to play with it so we've created a Chatbot Playground where you can interact with various Chatbot configurations for inspiration. Play around with some of our Academic and Public Library Chatbot examples to get ideas for how Chatbot can help your library!

We've brainstormed a few options to give you an idea of all the ways you can use Chatbot - but the possibilities are endless.

Explore Playground

Integration With Your Springshare Tools

Chatbot has native integrations with:

  • LibAnswers - Connect patrons to relevant FAQs or execute an FAQ search directly in the chat interface.
  • LibGuides - Route patrons to specific LibGuides or they can search your LibGuides to find the right one for them.
  • LibGuides A-Z Databases - Ensure your most expensive resources are getting hits by connecting patron queries with specific databases or allowing patrons to search your A-Z list for the right resource just for them.
  • LibCal - Patrons can search events, book one-on-one appointments with Librarians, and reserve equipment in the Lending Hub module.
  • LibWizard - Doing a satisfaction survey? Looking for feedback on new books to buy? Connect Chatbot users to your LibWizard surveys, forms, and more.

Offer a Chat Experience Without Staffing Chat

Not every library has the coverage available to offer a live-staffed chat service for their patrons. Well, Chatbot is made for you! While Chatbot can start the conversation and then pass it off to a live chat operator, it doesn't have to. Chatbot can act as a self-contained system and provide an opportunity to connect patrons directly to a librarian for follow-up via email or a LibAnswers Queue. Users get a 'chat-like' experience without your library needing to staff a 'Live Operator' service.

24/7/365 Chat Cooperative Can Cover You!

For libraries who want to offer a 'chat live with an operator' service, but don't have the bandwidth, our 24/7 Chat Cooperative can cover ALL your patrons' chats. Patrons interact with Chatbot and then have the Springshare Chat Cooperative pick up all live chats.