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LibAnswers for Libraries - Your Communication Platform

Searchable FAQs for Anytime Self-Service Help

Create a knowledge-base portal with FAQ entries containing videos, rich media, documents, and any info necessary for your users to find the answers they need.

Create Excellent Answers that can be Searched, Grouped, and Shared!


FAQ Creation Features

Features that help you create hundreds of FAQs easily and quickly.

Create unlimited FAQs and organize them into Groups

Attach videos, files, pictures, and links to FAQs

Create FAQs from patron questions with privacy info scrubbed

Make it easy to build FAQs with built-in answer reusability

FAQ Organization Features

You've built a knowledge-base of FAQs, these tools help you keep them organized.


Organize FAQs into Groups with customizable look & feel options

Create Internal FAQ groups for storing institutional knowledge

Assign Customizable Topics and Keywords to FAQs for findability

Control which staffers can create and edit FAQ Groups

Sharing & Communicating Your FAQ Knowledge-Base

These features help you get the word out about your FAQ knowledge-base.


Embed FAQs widgets into any of your websites for easy-finding

Increase your reach by adding FAQs to your LibGuides with a dedicated asset type

Share FAQs during LibChats or make them findable in self-service Chatbot

Robust API allows you to integrate FAQs into 3rd party search & discovery layers

Features Your Patrons Will Love

These features help patrons feel involved and like your FAQ was made for them.


Create FAQs in any language to reflect your diverse community needs

Optionally allow patrons to vote ( / ) on your FAQs to gauge efficacy

Optionally enable patrons to leave comments on FAQs for feedback

Add hidden keywords like mobile, cell, cellphone to improve findability

Improve the Findability of Your FAQs with Query Analyzer

Query Analyzer examines all search queries in the system and reports whether the search resulted in a successful "hit" or a "miss".

View the actual search terms your patrons are using and then target FAQs to match those search queries.

  • View Search Queries - All searches against your FAQ knowledge-base, even those done on embedded widgets, are available for analysis.
  • Search Query Result - Did your patron's search query result in a matching FAQ or a miss?
  • Hone Your Knowledge-Base - Add hidden keywords, organize into new topics, or build entirely new FAQs based on your patron's search queries.
  • No PII - All data is completely anonymized and stripped of patron identifiable information. You won't know who entered what search term.