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Connect With Patrons Anywhere

LibChat is the premier chat reference tool used by thousands of libraries worldwide. Comprehensive chat functionality, screensharing, file-sharing, proactive chat widgets, and integrated workflows make LibChat an easy choice.

LibChat Helps you Answer Your Patron's Questions in Real Time


Create Multiple Chat Departments

Create chat departments that reflect your workflow & structure.

  • Unlimited Chat Departments - Build an unlimited number of chat departments that reflect your departments, buildings, branches, etc.
  • Assign Staffers to Chat Depts. - Reduce signal-to-noise ratio and assign specific staffers to monitor specific chat departments.
  • Chat Departments Cascade Functionality - Depending on availability, patron chats cascade through your available online departments to reach an available librarian.

Assign Staffers to Monitor Chat Departments

LibChat Dashboard makes it easy to monitor one, two, or more chats at the same time!

  • Toggle On / Off Chat Department Monitoring - Choose which departments you're monitoring with easy on / off monitoring.
  • Personal Chat Widget - Each LibChatter has the ability to create a personal chat widget, great for embedding into your LibGuides, so patrons can chat with you directly.
  • Canned Messages - Use system-wide or create your own 'canned' messages to make chatting faster and easier.
  • Customizable Alert Sounds - Prefer a high-pitched ping to a low-pitched sound? Customize your LibChat alert sounds.
  • Desktop Notifications - If you've got your browser minimized or you're working in a application like Word or Outlook, LibChat's desktop notifications alert you right on the screen of new chats.
  • Turn a Chat into a Ticket for Further Followup - If you need to do more research, turn any chat into a ticket for further follow-up.
  • Transfer Chat @ Any Time - Need to move this chat exchange to another department or subject expert? You can!
  • Search & Share Your FAQs - If you know the answer to a patron's question is in your FAQ Knowledge base, search and share right from the operator dashboard.

Need help with chat coverage during busy hours, weekends, holidays?

Our 24/7 Global Chat Cooperative, staffed by MLS-degreed librarians, is here to help.

Build Chat Widgets & Embed Them Everywhere!

Create unlimited chat widgets with customization options:

  • Customizable Chat Widgets - Choose between four different widget types (In-Page, Button Style, Slide-Out Tab, or Floating Bottom-Right) and unlimited customization options.
  • Proactive Chat - Specific widgets that can be set to pop/slide out after a customizable period of time to let your patron know LibChat is available.
  • Automated Prompts & Login Forms - Allow patrons to chat completely anonymously OR build a login form. Built-in prompts throughout the chatting process allow enable you to get crucial information for post-chat follow-up.
  • Chat Rating & Feedback Box - Empower patrons to rate their chat experience with a feedback box. Subscribers to the NPS® Tool can choose to use an NPS® rating field on their chat widgets. 
  • Enable File Uploads - Choose whether patrons can upload / send files during a chat exchange.
  • LibAuth Enabled - Only want registered cardholders or patrons to be able to launch a chat? Enable LibAuth which works with CAS, LDAP, AD, Shibboleth, and more!

LibChat Features that Patrons Love


LibChat is built with your patrons in mind.

  • Screensharing - Start a real-time screensharing session with recording functionality.
  • Full Transcript Email - Patrons can opt-in at any time to get the full transcript of their chat exchange via email.
  • Emoji - We live in the age of emojis! Patrons, and you too, can express themselves with our built-in emoji library.

Features LibChat Admins Love


These features help your team administer and maintain their LibChat service:

  • 'Who's Online' - View, in real time, all of your current chat operators.
  • Force Logout - Did someone forget to logout before they went home? Force a chat operator offline from anywhere.
  • Privacy Scrub - Turn on privacy scrubbing and completely remove all patron info as well as the full history of their chat exchange while still retaining all relevant statistics.
  • Ban Users IP - Getting spammed on chat? Ban a user via their IP at anytime.
  • LibChat for Internal Chat - Use LibChat for chatting internally with coworkers!

LibChat Statistics & Reports

Helpful data that is filterable and exportable.

Filter & Search transcripts across keywords, timeframes, operators, chat departments, widget type, & more

Missed Chat stats show the chats you didn't catch in time but could turn into tickets for advanced customer service follow-up

View chat stats & transcripts by Rating, Browser Type, and Referring URL for powerful and actionable data

Chat Coverage Charts highlight the hours of chat you monitor with hourly, daily, and monthly breakdowns