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Customer Relationship Management Designed for Libraries

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The system of record for Outreach, Liaison, and Development Librarians. Manage outreach and liaison activities in one centralized place and identify gaps in your outreach efforts.

How Does It Work?

  • Customizable Fields - Define the groups with which you interact. Undergraduates? Faculty? Young Adults? What about organizations or departments? Academic Advising? Vendors? City Council? Customize People and Organization types to suit your demographic.
  • Record Demographic-Specific Data - Define which fields to gather for each Group. For example, your Faculty Group might have a 'Tenure' field, whereas your Vendor Group might store Product Subscription info.
  • Define Custom Interaction Types - From email, to in person, to phone – customize your interaction types. This way, when you record an interaction with a Person or Organization, you’ll have all your communication methods right at your fingertips.
  • Custom Social Profiles - Each Person and Organization can have a number of Internet/Social profiles associated with their record. Add Facebook profiles,, Mendeley, Twitter, ORCID ID, or even a link to their profile in your institutional repository.
  • Integration with Springshare Tools - Integrate LibConnect with your other Springshare tools so that patron activity with LibGuides, LibCal, LibAnswers, and LibWizard is automatically recorded.

How You Can Use It!

  • Unified View - All users, organizations, and entities have profile pages in LibConnect. View contact details, social profiles, and relevant interaction info in one place.
    Enjoy a holistic view of the depth and the quality of your relationship and interactions.
  • View Relationships - To fully understand a particular customer, LibConnect offers a view of their inter-relationships with other users and with organizations & groups to which they belong.
  • Deep Data Mining - All fields can be analyzed for deep and effective mining of your demographic's needs and relationships with the library. Identify gaps in your outreach efforts or communications methods for a specific user-group. 
  • Robust Task Management - LibConnect has full Task Management functionality built-in. Administrators can assign tasks to individual librarians (singly or in bulk), and everyone can follow the progress of the library's outreach efforts.
  • Store Notes & Documentation - Store all your relevant documents and notes related to your users and organizations all in one place, neatly organized, and available to all authorized LibConnect accounts.


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