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Gather Statistics, Analyze Trends, Assess Services

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LibInsight - store and analyze all of your library data by importing your ILS, E-Database/E-Journal platforms, Google Analytics (and more) data into one system for cross-dataset comparison reporting.

Build public dashboards to share stats reports with stakeholders and create shareable datasets with your microcommunity.

Full List of Predefined Dataset Types

Each dataset type below can be further customized to your needs. 

  • E-Journal/Database Usage
  • Gate Counts
  • Circulation Statistics
  • Acquisition Statistics
  • LibGuides / LibAnswers / LibCal Statistics
  • Reference Statistics
  • eBook Usage Analytics
  • ILL Statistics
  • Library Budget Analytics
  • NCES Statistics & Reporting
  • Website Traffic / Google Analytics
  • Workflow Statistics

Define Your Own Custom Datasets Too!

Create custom datasets for your own unique data-gathering needs. LibInsight can handle any number of fields and field types, form layouts, report variations, etc. Custom Datasets enable you to define specific fields and data points relevant to your library's statistics scenarios.

LibInsight Overview Video