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LibWizard - Forms, Surveys, Quizzes & Tutorial Builder

LibWizard Lite vs. Full

LibWizard Lite allows you to create forms and surveys. LibWizard Full includes all of the features of LibWizard Lite, along with the ability to create graded quizzes and interactive tutorials


Discover which LibWizard is right for you.


Compare LibWizard Lite vs. LibWizard Full

The biggest difference between LibWizard Lite and LibWizard Full are the components that are available to you. With LibWizard Full, you'll have access to all four components - Form Wizard, Survey Wizard, Quiz Wizard, and Tutorial Wizard. With LibWizard Lite, you'll be able to use Form Wizard and Survey Wizard.

But what else is different?



LibWizard Lite

LibWizard Full

Form Wizard
Survey Wizard
Quiz Wizard
Tutorial Wizard
Integration with LibGuides
Question Bank
LibAuth Integration