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LibWizard - Forms, Surveys, Quizzes & Tutorial Builder

Interactive Tutorials 

Tutorial Wizard allows you to offer self-paced instruction that's engaging for your patrons and students. With Interactive Tutorials, you can add content slides and overlay interactive components.


Make learning even easier with Interactive Tutorials.


Annotative Components

Example Interactive Tutorial


Annotations & Callouts

Point to a specific area in your slide with an annotation or a callout. Use the built-in rich text editor to add content.


Create one or more questions – with options for multiple choice, text input, or numeric input – that will appear one at a time.

Embeddable Widgets

Include simple widgets such as videos in your slide. Just insert the HTML embed code for the media you wish to display.


Add a small hotspot to highlight an area on your slide. Clicking on the hotspot will open a tooltip modal with annotations.

Create Engaging Interactive Tutorials

What can you create? The possibilities are endless!

Walk patrons through finding and downloading eBooks – the Callout interaction can show them where to click.

Show students how to use a citation tool – check their progress with Question interactions.

Help patrons pick what to read next – use the Embeddable Widget interaction to insert book review videos from YouTube.

Build a virtual escape room – the Hotspot interaction may reveal hidden objects and passageways.


Playtime: Tutorial Wizard

Check out our Live Tutorial Wizard examples for ideas on how Tutorial Wizard can work for you!



Interested in upgrading to LibWizard Full so you can create tutorials? Contact the Springy Sales Team for more info!