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LibWizard - Forms, Surveys, Quizzes & Tutorial Builder

Live Form Wizard Examples

Book Purchase Request Form

Route all your purchase requests through one mobile-friendly form. Utilize:

  • Date Field Type
  • Single Line & Multi-Line Text Fields
  • Drop-Down Menu to condense a long list of choices

Submit a Book Purchase Request

Book Purchase Request Form

Instruction Request Form

Instruction / Workshop Request Form

Direct instruction session or workshop requests into one form. Make use of:

  • Required Fields for getting important info
  • Multi-Select Fields for getting more than one answer
  • 'Other' Field to encourage write-ins

Request An Instruction Session

Professional Development Form

Keep track of all staff professional development activities through one internal-use form. Use:

  • Numeric Fields to track costs
  • Skip Logic for question branching
    • If Yes: Show Questions X, Y, Z
    • If No: Show Questions A, B, C

Request Professional Development Support

Professional Development Form

LibGuide Request Form

LibGuide Request Form

Are faculty queuing up for you to make a LibGuide for their class? Route all requests into one form!

  • Auto-timestamping so you'll know which requests came in first
  • Multi-select checkbox to collect all the info you'll need to build the LibGuide

Request a LibGuide

Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Get a lot of volunteer interest? Create a form and advertise it on your website. Use:

  • Line separators and Section Headers to break-up sections visually & logically
  • Single-select fields to act as Terms Of Use checkboxes

Volunteer @ Springy Memorial!

Volunteer Sign-Up Form