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Live Quiz Examples - How Well Can You Do?

Boolean Search Logic

Create a timed Boolean Search Logic quiz and reinforce learning, post-instruction.

Allow users to retake the quiz over and over, till they get it right!

Test Your Boolean Skills

Book Quiz


Plagiarism is a difficult concept to teach, and a one-shot instruction session can't always cover it all.

Encourage users to take, and retake, this plagiarism quiz so that they'll understand the concepts over time. 

Test Your Plagiarism Knowledge

Plagiarism Quiz

Call Number Shelving Quiz

Shelving is a vital skill for new student workers, volunteers, and pages to master. Move your job skills onboarding process, online!

Reinforce on-the-job knowledge. Encourage workers to take it frequently to keep their skills sharp!

How Well Can You Shelve?

Call Number Shelving Quiz

Ready Reference Quiz

Librarians aren't always around to answer ready reference questions. Encourage library works to sharpen their skills with this Ready Reference Quiz.

This way, when you're not there - patrons still get excellent service.

Test Your Ready Reference

Ready Reference Quiz

Library Trivia Quiz

Quizzes can be fun! So engage users by creating fun quizzes to test their general knowledge.

Create a Pop Culture 101 Quiz, Popular Fiction Quiz, or a Hair Bands of the 80's Quiz. Bottom-line, have fun!

Who Founded America's First Library?

Library Trivia Quiz

Pre-Instruction Assessment Quiz

Do you want to assess whether learning occurs? Create a Pre-Instruction Assessment Quiz to get a baseline reading.

After the class has been taught, send out a Post-Instruction Assessment (see below) to measure where learning takes place.

Pre-Instruction Assessment

Pre-Instruction Assessment

Post-Instruction Assessment Quiz

Once you've got your base-line reading, instruct users to take a post-instruction assessment quiz. 

You'll be able to quantifiably measure where improvements were made when comparing results against the Pre-Test. 

Post-Instruction Assessment

Pre-Instruction Assessment

Internet Safety Quiz

A great way to ensure that K-12 students are knowledgeable about the Internet and standard safety practices.

Try answering a question incorrectly, you'll see customizable 'tips' appear on screen. A great way to reinforce learning during assessment.

Internet Safety Quiz

Internet Safety Quiz