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LibWizard - Forms, Surveys, Quizzes & Tutorial Builder

Collect Feedback with Survey Wizard  

Surveying users is the heart of any customer-centric organization. Use Survey Wizard to quickly create surveys and gather invaluable feedback, complete with tons of reusability options, branching and skip logic, Welcome and Thank You screens, and the ability to encrypt user responses.


Survey Wizard has everything you need to gather feedback.


Survey Wizard Functionality & Features



Quickly build surveys by pulling questions from an admin-controlled question bank. Reuse any question from any form or survey – system-wide!



Set up your survey to reveal specific questions based on answers that a patron provides. Ensure a strong response rate and hide irrelevant questions, keeping your users engaged.



Dedicated Welcome and Thank You screens enable you to customize surveys and provide additional information to the survey takers.



Encrypt user responses and store them securely in the database. All survey content and responses are transmitted using the https secure protocol.

Engage With Users & Gather Invaluable Feedback

Surveys are ideal for complex data collection needs, such as:

Instruction assessments

Satisfaction surveys

 Library space assessments

You can add several different types of text input and multiple choice fields to a survey, as well as a field allowing users to upload a file with their submissions. Unlike forms, surveys can be split into multiple pages.

What can you create? The possibilities are endless!

  • Website Feedback Survey
  • Event Feedback
  • Service Desk Feedback
  • Library Usage Survey
  • Collection Evaluation
  • Community Questionnaire
  • Faculty / Teacher Satisfaction
  • Respondent Characteristics
  • Post-Instruction / Workshop Feedback
  • Library Services Evaluation


Features & Field Types

Survey Wizard comes complete with all the features and functionality available with Form Wizard, plus additional survey-specific customizable field types.

Grid - Collect responses in a matrix

Ranking - Allow users to rank a list of options in order

Image Choice - Users can select images that you have set for the field


Page Break - Separate your fields into multiple pages

File Upload - Users can upload and attach a single file


Real-Time Reporting & Analysis

All four LibWizard components feature advanced statistics and analysis tools enabling you to quickly sort and categorize patron submissions.

Advanced filtering options to slice and dice your submission data.

Filter by date to see all results from a specified time-period.

Download customizable charts and graphs for reports.

Create and save visual charts on your field questions.

Run cross-variable analysis with integrated cross-tab reporting.

Export all data to Excel via CSV format.

Optionally collect user IP, referrer URL, and browser data.


Playtime: Survey Wizard

Check out our Live Survey Wizard examples for ideas on how Survey Wizard can work for you!



Survey Wizard is available with both LibWizard Full and LibWizard Lite. Interested in upgrading to LibWizard Full? Contact the Springy Sales Team for more info!