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Why Subscribe to LibGuides CMS?

Access & Retrieve Your Content - In Realtime

API Menu

API = Application Programming Interface

Pull any piece of content from your LibGuides CMS and display it on any website, using our RESTful realtime APIs. Having programmatic access to any and all content stored in your LibGuides system enables for limitless possibilities in leveraging and reusing your LibGuides data for maximum exposure.

APIs include secure protocol (https) for integrating content in secure web environments like Learning Management Systems, Portal Sites, etc.

How can I use it?

  • Staff Directory - Pull individual elements from profile boxes (i.e. Title, Picture, Email) and create a staff directory on any webpage without having to embed each profile box widget.
    • As your staffing changes and LibGuides accounts come and go, your staff directory dynamically updates! Say bye-bye to manual changes! 
  • Guides by Last Updated - Retrieve a list of guides filtering on when it was last updated and showcase these guides on your Library Website as *Recently Updated!*
  • Refined Assets - Retrieve a list of assets on your parameters. Retrieve links associated with the subject area of Biology or Books tagged with 'Art'.