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Why Subscribe to LibGuides CMS?

Security & Protection with Access Rules and Permissions

LibGuides CMS makes it easy to restrict all or part of your system with Access Restrictions, Guide Passwords, Group Permissions, and Secure File Uploading.

IP Restrictions

Use IP restrictions and restrict access at the system-wide, group-level, or for individual guides.
Use IP restrictions system-wide to route all users through an authentication layer or use Group/Guide-Level IP restrictions to create a staff intranet!

Password Protection

Password protection for individual guides and entire groups gives you more flexibility while still maintaining security. Use Guide-Level password protection to share copyright-restricted content, 'eyes-only' content, or less-sensitive library materials.

Secure Documents

Secure document and file uploading ensures that access to that file can only be from within the guide itself. 
Add password-protection to documents for another layer of security - great for copyright-protected or sensitive materials.

User Permissions

Create login-required Groups and define user access. Perfect for creating a staff intranet where user permissions can be granularly defined at the read/write level.

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