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Why Subscribe to LibGuides CMS?

Applicable to LibGuides version 2.0

Get Your Group On!

LibGuides CMS helps you to improve site organization, showcase exhibits and departments, create a staff intranet, streamline site setup and maintenance, and create targeted customizations. System Administrators, rejoice!

Each group has its own set of behaviors around:

  • Look & Feel - Create custom tab colors & shape, box colors & shape, etc.
  • Banner & Footer - Display a unique top banner and footer for each group of guides.
  • Access Controls - Restrict access to a group of guides using user permissions and group-level IP restrictions.
  • Homepage - Each group has its own customizable homepage and friendly URL.
  • Language Customizations - Create one set of guides in French and another in English! Customize the default labels to whatever language you prefer and then write your LibGuide in that language. 
  • Custom JS/CSS Code - Focus your CSS at the group-level to uniquely customize a group of guides.
  • Templates - Customize guide-level and homepage templates for each group of guides.
    • Bonus: Enforce group-level templates so all guides assigned to group will have a consistent layout & display.
  • User Permissions: Granular permissions allow you to define who has access to specific sections, and at what user-level, within your system.

FYI, You Can Create an Unlimited Number of Groups!

What Groups will you create? Here are just a few ideas:

CMS Group Ideas