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Why Subscribe to LibGuides CMS?

Applicable to LibGuides version 2.0

Define Granular User Permissions

Precise User Permissions

User PermissionsDefine granular user permissions to specific areas within your LibGuides CMS system.

Define Regular-Level Users Permissions:

  • Publish Guides in Specific Groups - Should some authors be allowed to publish guides in only designated groups? Define read/write access for each group in your system.
  • Edit All Guides - Need an additional pair of eyes scanning guides for typos and broken links? Blammo - you got it!
  • Group-Level Admins - Decentralize group maintenance and create Group-Level Admins. Group-Level Admins will only be able to manage their assigned groups. They can customize group-level look & feel, homepage, friendly URL, and more.
  • Manage Content - Grant Admin-level access to the following content areas within your LibGuides CMS system.
    • ‚Äč- Subjects, Tags, & Friendly URLs
    • - Asset Management
    • - E-Reserves (with subscription to LibGuides E-Reserves module)