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March 2019

Listen And Learn: Using Springshare Tools To Get Feedback

If the goal is to have happy patrons, students, faculty and staff, what step could be more important than listening to them? This can be achieved in Springshare tools in two ways. Many of our solutions provide ways for people to interact with content librarians have made and shared. Additionally, there are proactive ways you can seek out feedback, which illustrates a real commitment and desire to hear from users. 

We all know that hearing is one thing -- but listening is quite another. How do patrons know you're listening? When students see your services adjusted, faculty see content that is specifically tailored, when users notice they're getting what they need -- they understand that their voices can make a difference.

Use the feedback features built into Springshare solutions. Let your patrons know they matter.

Feedback Features Checklist


  • Add a custom poll to any guide. Find out if the guide was helpful or offer some options and let them choose which project should be next.
  • Make sure to read the comments on your Blog posts. Reply to show appreciation for their efforts to communicate with you.
  • Check your stats. Data lets you see the guides, pages or even assets they are enjoying. Look at the Search Stats to see what patrons want. 


LibGuides CMS

  • Create an internal group locked down with access controls.
  • Then you can add a discussion board to this staff intranet to get feedback on what projects the team wants to prioritize or check the temp on a new initiative.
  • Start a conversation to provide feedback on guides built by colleagues. Enable the Publishing Workflows. Guides are submitted for review to ensure quality work through standards.


  • Add a LibWizard survey to LibCal Post-Event follow-up emails, etc.
  • Or, add some feedback questions to your registration forms like, "If you have made an appointment before, how helpful was it?" Then offer some choices.
  • You can add a question to the spaces and room booking forms that lets them select how they feel about the room descriptions that were provided to them, etc. 


  • Create custom surveys that can be embedded in a LibGuides system. City, University of London used them to gauge guide satisfaction. 
  • Add surveys to instruction guides to get feedback on the class. Would the student/patron recommend it to a friend? Did it cover what it said it would?
  • Or, add them to other Springshare tools or anywhere your patrons are. York County Community College puts a LibWizard survey in their FAQs to get feedback while they have their attention. 

Look into LibWizard. Get a trial today.